Pivoting, even just changing, your focus to a singular offering is a daunting proposition at the best of times. That being said, after the calamity that was, or is, 2020 we realised we had to make the change.

Not for ourselves but because our clients desperately needed it. We engaged with them through workshops, think-tanks and internal surveys to truly understand their requirements, current pain-points and operational goals.

Most, if not all, of them were impacted negatively by the #Coronavirus pandemic and interestingly they all shared commonality in the solution scope:

They needed to increase their revenues – fast – without the risk and frustration associated with increasing the size of sales teams.

OPEX needed to be contained, preferably reduced, while maintaining exceptional service levels.
Substantially improved efficiency was critical to remaining competitive in the Covid-driven marketplace.

Armed with this information, we unpacked our business, our stack and our supply chain in order to construct a solution capable of delivering against our clients exact requirements.

Through this process the realisation was that the solution to our clients business challenges lay in Artificial Intelligence and Automation. This was our eureka moment!

We immediately set out to refine our solution stack and consultation methodologies, we enlisted a world-class deployment team of PHD-led Data Scientists and built the framework of the 2.0 stack. Our Technologists approached our clients with the upgraded offering and the rest, as they say, is history.

Pilot projects were deployed in South Africa, Tanzania and Nigeria across banking, aviation and health industries. We gathered numerous data sets, found single points of truth and ultimately put the initiatives into production.

It’s a remarkable thing to see the new-found requirement for Automation and Artificial Intelligence in SA and Africa across so many industries, verticals and business sizes. More so, it’s wonderful to see the positive impact we have on them. We are so proud to be of assistance.

We listened to our customers, refreshed our offering and committed to Automating Africa!

Jono Williamson

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