Creating a board in South Africa

Creating boards in South Africa is the starting point of creating your visual project. Once you have a board set up you can get started managing anything.

Boards can either be private, so only invited guests can see them. They can be main and visible to all members.  Or they can shareable so you can invite guests outside your organisation.

Elements within boards

Boards are built with columns of which has seven base or primary columns that are used to map out processes giving you lots of build options.

The primary columns within are:

  • Status columns – these show the status of any task or item like done, working on it, or stuck. So you can keep a visual track of where each project is.
  • People columns – making people or teams to responsible for the task.  As a result, everyone becomes accountable.
  • Text columns – these allow you to type any words you need into the board. You can type things like phrases, names, and anything else
  • Date columns – this helps to manage important dates within the project. Deadlines can also be linked and managed.
  • Timeline columns – these provide a visual way in which to manage how much time a project should take. So you can see your projects and what’s due next.
  • Numbers columns – these allow your boards to behave like a spreadsheet. You can add formulas to the numbers taking calculations too another level.
  • Tags columns – These allow for the creation of #tags which make referencing information much easier. As a result you can find anything related to that #tag at any time.

If the 7 core columns aren’t exactly what you’re looking for then there is an entire  Column Centre that has many other columns that will get your project flying. The amount of column combinations is limitless.

Creating boards South Africa

This video shows exactly how easy it is to create a board within, you’ll need to activate Professional Services in South Africa and Africa

Professional Services include:

  • Process engineering.  We can help map out your processes.
  • Workflow design.  Designing the correct workflow is highly important and we can assist from the get go
  • Workspace development.   Creating a Workspace in South Africa is vital to organising your work and projects.
  • Board builds. We can assist with the design and implementation of all your boards.
  • Automation.  Let’s put your business on autopilot with process automation.
  • Integrations. mondaycom integrats with over 200 other systems like Mail and CRM
  • Customisation.  The system is so customisable. As a result, we can build some perfect, just for you.
  • App integration.  As a base product, is brilliant, lets make it better with additional apps.
  • Implementation. Once the system is designed and tested it is implemented into your account as a fully functional solution..
  • Training.  Knowledge is power and comprehensive training is key to getting full value from
  • Support.  We are here to help, 24/7/365

Syscor is a preferred sales, implementation and, installation partner to, having completed numerous, successful implementations on  Syscor has use-cases that range from Tanzanian Banks to small manufacturing organisations in Johannesburg, South Africa making our reach completely continental.

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