The stats don’t lie – project management is a non-negotiable skill to have in your business. According to the Pulse Of The Profession study, which was released by the Project Management Institute (PMI), firms who have adopted project management processes are 38% more successful than companies who don’t take project management seriously.

Even given this apparent evidence of the success that project management processes can bring to a company, it’s sad to see that not many companies have fully embraced project management. According to the above-mentioned PMI survey, only 21% of companies have adopted formal project management software. This is even in the face of project management challenges costing $109 million (about R1.6 billion) for every $1 billion (about R15.2 billion) that is invested.

In business, project management is sorely needed. But this isn’t any type of project management. Processes which take up a lot of time and need a dedicated person to manage are not sustainable – especially in today’s economy where we are all trying to do more with less. So, in order for us to reap the benefits of project management – without escalating costs – we need to adopt smart project management.

And this comes in the form of

What Is is a work operating system – as well as a project management system – which empowers teams to run projects and workflows. This compelling project management system allows teams to:

  • Shape workflows,
  • Adjust to shifting needs,
  • Create transparency,
  • Connect collaboratively, and
  • Stop doing manual work.

It is the smart project management system that you’ve been looking for that will automate your project management processes and help you to focus on what matters most – making sure that your business is incredibly successful.

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