Excel Automation South Africa is saving teams in excess of 10 hours per week, per employee.

Most teams at fast-growing organisations often struggle with manual and repetitive tasks that waste time and are prone to human error. Automation can bring notable gains in efficiency when you discover how to automate Excel.

Excel Automation South Africa can execute the same steps you follow in Excel without human intervention to easily automate Excel reports and more. It enables you to integrate Excel data with enterprise applications, log critical process information in a format well-suited for analysis and distribution, reduce and accelerate data entry tasks, and create reports from database queries.

When looking for the right Excel Automation tool for manual tasks, make sure to select one that gives business and IT users an intuitive interface and can scale easily for future requirements.

Streamline your business process workload when you learn how to automate Excel with an intuitive and flexible Excel automation software.

Over 600 prebuilt automation building blocks

  • Graphical workflow design brings IT and business teams together
  • An extensive list of applications to integrate including:
  • Microsoft Excel, SharePoint, Dynamics 365, Exchange, Active Directory
  • ServiceNow, Zendesk, monday.com Dropbox
  • AWS, VMWare, Azure
  • ERP, CRM, and database systems
  • Email servers, web browsers, and more
  • Intelligent automation capabilities with advanced conditions and trigger scenarios
  • Industry leading security, auditing, and integration capabilities
  • Centralized visibility, management, reporting, and analytics within distributed networks

Free your operations and admin staff to #doGreatThings in 2021 by automating Excel Actions.

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