Inventory Automation South Africa is saving businesses 10 hours per week, per employee.

An automated inventory system automates critical parts of the inventory management process. Both physical and online businesses tend to rely heavily on inventory automation to streamline their fulfillment and supply chain management.

These automations will save you huge amounts of time and effort while also bolstering your bottom line. 

Benefits of automated inventory management systems

An automated inventory system can be used to automate multiple logistics operations, including: 

  • Inventory Management across all local systems. 
  • Replenishment and stock ordering
  • Syncing order and stock on hand against inventory and CRM
  • Delivery of customer orders 
  • Processing fulfillment workflows 
  • Inventory tracking across multiple warehouses 

Inventory Automation South Africa

As well as the automation of repetitive, mundane tasks and reducing friction in your workflow, document generation is also a prime feature. Documents for work orders, shipping, and invoicing and the like are automatically generated. This reduces the cost to manage inventory. 

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