Marketing Automation South Africa saves around 10 hours per employee per week. Here’s how..

Report Automation – Marketing Automation South Africa

Marketing Analytics are everything to a CMO, and rightly so. They are critical to gauging performance, ROI, and where campaigns should be focused or dialed back. But they traditionally take hours, if not days to compile, chewing resources, piling pressure, and wreaking havoc throughout a department prepping for a board meeting.

Thankfully, times, they are a-changing.

Set your team free from the shackles of report and analytics building and automate the function instead.
Automation software collects and analyses data regarding leads, customers, sales, campaign success, and so on – automatically, constantly, and on time, without fail.
Having an automated report and analytics solution frees your team up to perform value-driven functions, like creating the next award-winning campaign.

Marketing Process Automation – Marketing Automation South Africa

Marketing Automation is possible for all marketing tasks, not just for report and analytics building.

Which tasks can be automated?

Look for your teams’ most repetitive marketing tasks. This is where you’ll find the biggest gains from automation. Even, simply automating response emails, for example, can substantially reduce the admin stress on your team. Plot out all of your current marketing tasks, and pick out those which are both time-consuming and repetitive. Then automate them and be free to create.

Free your Marketing teams to #DoGreatThings in 2021 by Automating marketing processes.

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We can assist with automating your toughest business processes in any department, not just marketing.