for marketing teams for marketing teams is an intuitive and inclusive Work OS connects marketing execs to the data that matters, and marketing teams to the entire organization— making work move faster and impact easy to measure.


Microsoft Teams integration with

From chasing one-off tasks to building scalable and impact-driven business growth 

Different marketing teams have different workflows, but is flexible to meet the needs of all while creating a shared space to collaborate together. Instead of working twice as hard for half of the impact, powers marketing teams to plan together set clearly defined goals, and benefit from shared knowledge. 

A flexible platform for any marketing workflow 

Building and optimizing your workflows is simple with drag-and-drop building blocks. Adding views, widgets, automations, integrations and more help streamline how your teams work and turn your account into a tailored solution just for you.


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Content marketing 

  • Organize work requests into the team’s workflow 
  • Sync content and creative teams around the same timeline and priorities
  • Collaborate with freelancers in a secure environment
  • Build and share content calendars to set expectations and goals
  • Track work progress, balance workload, and optimize spend
  • Monitor analytics to gain valuable insights into how your team works

content planning


Acquisition marketing

  • Develop a scalable execution plan for each campaign; assign owners; identify milestones; and set priorities and due dates
  • Centralize all related assets in one place for structured and secured file management
  • Align on goals with different stakeholders, track campaign ROI, and compare with KPIs
  • Monitor budgets and minimize overruns using intuitive high-level overviews of all campaigns across your marketing channels

Event Management 

  • Plan every step of your event to perfection and track every detail—no matter how small— so nothing falls through the cracks
  • Collaborate efficiently with vendors, sponsors, and partners, manage approval cycles, and centralize knowledge and documents
  • Filter leads into boards and manage contact reach-outs
  • Access all operational details anytime, anywhere, and while onsite

Product Launch management 

  • Create a standardized process for all product launches
  • Manage all planning and execution of a launch in one place
  • Provide a shared space for cross-functional collaboration
  • Define performance metrics and KPIs to better measure successes and communicate product launch impact on the business

Accelerate all marketing work processes with 

Respond to business needs in a scalable way 


Businesses have to pivot fast in order to keep up with changing needs in the market, and marketing is often left trying to keep up. 

Having repeatable, scalable processes and easy access to high-level analytics means marketing can lead initiatives—not just try to keep up. Manage work requests with ease One-off requests should never be any team’s full-time job. But, a one-pager here and a blog request there can end up eating up a lot of valuable time. uses boards and forms to build a clear and scalable process for integrating work requests into the marketing department’s workflow. 

Marketing Analytics



Visually intuitive analytics help shed light on how your team works and where you can improve. Bring distributed teams together Managing all of the moving parts of a marketing team while working remotely can create a whole new set of challenges. offers an online workspace to collaborate, brainstorm, annotate, plan, and track all of the department’s work without skipping a beat. Balance the team’s workload at all

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