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What to look for in a project management software | South Africa

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On their own, project management, automation, and digital transformation are three very different things. Knowing how to bring them together to the benefit of your business is a critical skill that businesses need to survive.

Digital transformation is the process of adopting digital technologies to transform your business. This transformation seeks to improve efficiency, resiliency, and agility. Automation looks to reduce the need for human intervention when it comes to certain processes and services. It is an automatic process that seeks to complete a task.

Now, when you consider these components and look at your project management software, does it facilitate digital transformation? Is it using automation to improve efficiency? South Africa does.

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Digital transformation to assist in project management

Whether you know this or not, you have embraced some sort of digital transformation when it comes to project management. Consider one of the first and most often used project management tools, Excel. Before Excel, the tables and formulas would’ve needed to be done manually, on paper. This creates room for human error to creep in.

And so, the standard Excel spreadsheet was implemented and shared via email. Fast forward a few years and you have Google Docs available that make online editing and sharing in real-time a possibility. This has since become a foundation for most project management tools.

Online functionality and real-time sharing are a necessity. In recent times, remote accessibility has been added to the list of needs. This is where South Africa steps in. on mobile devices

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How does automation tie in to a project management software?

Managing certain business processes can take up a lot of time. “Outsourcing” these tasks to automated systems can save your business a lot of time and money. A project management tool that can bring everything together into an easy-to-manage space is the start. Technology exists to simplify things, so why are you still using outdated methods? People are constantly saying that the future is digital, but the future is already here.

An example of everyday automation is that we all make use of is a vacuum cleaner.  Sweeping took up time and no one really wanted to do it, and so the vacuum cleaner was born. This invention has now evolved to an almost fully automated state with the release of robot vacuum cleaners.

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Bring it home with South Africa – what to look for in a project management software.

It’s time to look into a project management solution that can adapt to your business needs in a way that makes sense. It’s a quick solution that provides long term success.

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