Role of PMO in business and South Africa

5 Major Roles a Project Management Office Plays

By definition, a project management office is a business unit within a company responsible for managing the implementation, execution and completion of projects. It provides the framework and guidelines needed to complete projects in the most effective manner possible.

Smaller businesses may still be able to get away without the use of a PMO. However, bigger businesses with a more diverse project workload will do well to implement this online solution. One of the benefits of a PMO is that it can be implemented to meet your business requirement. A blanket approach is not used, you dictate your terms.

The success of a PMO is determined by several different factors, namely the tools, processes and people.

It goes beyond project management – as role of pmo 

While it is mostly used to manage projects, it can also be used for strategic planning and business governance. South Africa can give businesses a platform for sharing project criteria and objectives that need to be met. It also seeks to determine whether a project aligns with business goals and objectives.

It sets out processes

The processes and procedures set out for project completion can be accessed through a PMO and easily referenced throughout the different business units. This also means that the organisation’s best practices and processes have been consolidated into one easy to access and use platform.

It becomes easier to track project success and use the methodology for future projects. In the same breath, it identifies areas that need to be addressed and worked on to ensure future successes.

It is easy to understand

Industry best practices, methodologies and techniques can be easily accessed and understood by all team members. This is as a result of the easy-to-understand dashboard the comes with using South Africa. Common processes and terminology are disseminated throughout the team.

Projects are completed more harmoniously as all the various business units can work together cohesively.

It provides a benchmark – as a role of pmo 

How do you determine the success of a project? Key performance indicators are a good way to start. Knowing what you are looking to achieve and tracking its progress can help streamline the workload. If there are any delays, it is easy to identify the cause and find a way to alleviate the burden created as a result.

You can manage resources more effectively as a role of pmo 

By knowing what needs to be done and by who, team leaders can allocate resources in the most effective way possible. This means that workloads, budgets and tools are evenly distributed to meet the given deadline. It also helps to define the roles and responsibilities of each person, increasing accountability.

It also provides the opportunity for further training and development of employees and managers.

Bonus role of pmo : A collection of project tools

When you use a PMO, you create a template that can be used for future projects. It also becomes a custodian for all past data and success of projects. This allows businesses to make an informed decision based on past business successes. This document repository can easily be accessed and revisited by members of the organisation.

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