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Do you find yourself getting lost in a sea of mundane work that takes up a lot of time? You have probably even found yourself wishing for a second version of yourself to help speed up the process. While we cannot offer you a cloning machine, we can offer you innovative automations with to help you get a lot more done in a lot less time. South Africa Automations

Automate your work with South Africa

What are automations and what are automation recipes?

As the name implies, automations are automated process that can be fulfilled without human intervention. To have these automations perform the tasks that you need them to, you need to have automation recipes. These recipes consist of pre-defined combinations that react to triggers and produce an action.

For example, if a task’s status is changed, notify a specific person. The trigger, in this case, is the status change, leading to the action of notifying someone of this change. This a simple example, and one that can be used for more complex processes as well.

Alerts and Reminders with Automations South Africa

Choose from any one of 2500 prebuilt automation recipes, or build your own in South Africa

Adding an automation  – to save time with South Africa 

If you are looking to add an automation, go to the board you want to have the notification for and click on the “Automate” button on the top righthand corner of your screen. Here you will access a drop-down menu of possible categories that range from setting up notifications to setting up repeat automations.

Once you have selected your automation, you will need to set up the parameters. So, if you were looking for a notification every time a task is completed, you will select the “notify” parameter and input what this notification will say. You can continue to add parameters to automate your board, once you are happy with the setup, click on “Add to Board”. You can add automations to any of the boards you wish to. Automations

Setting up automations is easy in South Africa

Recurring tasks and automation mapping

If you need data pulled from various boards into a new item, you will need to set up automation mapping. For example, if you have a recurring weekly task that needs to be reloaded each week, you can map it into the recipe’s item field. This will determine the information needed in each new column. If the automation requires creating a new board, you will need to specify the type of board.

Once you have set up the recurring automation, you can switch them on and off as you deem necessary. You can also edit or delete the automation accordingly.

These automations can also be set for a specific time, and these times will be configured to match the time zones of each person receiving the notification, so if for example, you set it for 8am every Monday, regardless of where your team is based, as soon as their clock hits 8am, they will receive the notification.

These automations can be created and amended as you see fit and fits in with South Africa’s easy to use, customisable nature. South Africa has been designed to meet your business needs.


How To Create Recurring Tasks South Africa

Some examples of recurring task automations in South Africa

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