Ensure successful project completion with monday.com South Africa

Within most businesses across different industries, you will often find multiple projects being run at the same time. As a result, it can be easy to lose track of it all, letting hours go untracked and budgets left unattended. Underscoping is a harsh reality faced by many organisations, so how can we keep on top of it all and intervene before it becomes a difficult conversation further down the line? The answer is simple, you use monday.com to manage projects effectively.

monday.com South Africa features a Clients Project board that covers everything related to the project – from client communications to deadlines and even the available resources. This feature will become the central hub for project management and ensures a seamless process from start to finish.

Keep the project on track with monday.com South Africa

Building a Client Projects board to stay on track

One of the many benefits of monday.com is the fact that everything is customisable to meet the needs of your business. So, to do so, you need to know where to start. The first step is creating a board that will be home to your client Groups. Once you have created your board, you can start to add your clients as different groups – or even as different project stages.

Once you have groups set up, you can add items to it that will represent each of the projects that are currently in the pipeline. You will then need to add columns to the items that include deadlines, status, time spent on the task, and anything else that relates to the ongoing project.

Manage projects effectively with monday.com South Africa

With all of this setup, you will be able to see exactly what is going on with all of the ongoing client jobs and projects without having to play broken telephone. You can even create a shareable board that your client can access so that they can be up to date on the latest developments.

Another aspect that can be added to the equation is the Formula Column, which you can use to extract and manipulate data on the relevant board. One way to use this feature is to calculate billable rates per project.

Make it easier to understand

Sifting through tons of data can be a time-consuming task, monday.com offers Gantt View to help you visualise your data in a colourful, easy-to-understand layout. This means that running over budget is no longer a risk as you can manage the process every step of the way.

Don’t forget that you can easily share project updates with the rest of the time by using the Updates Section to make sure that everyone is on the same page.

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Once you have an active account Syscor can assist with a full consulting and professional services stack, including:

  • Process design
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Syscor is a sales, installation, and support partner to monday.com, having completed many successful projects on monday.com.  Thus making us very experienced.  Syscor has clients that range from Tanzanian Banks to small manufacturing businesses in South Africa, for instance. Our reach is completely continental.

Syscor’s Consulting team are all qualified to deliver a full installation and support offering, meaning we offer turn-key services.  We will gladly share any referrals, in order to give you peace of mind. So you can embark on your monday.com journey, with confidence.

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