What are KPIs and how can I measure them with monday.com?

What you are looking to achieve and how you are planning to do so? This is one of the biggest things that need to be determined when it comes to a project. You need a framework, or guideline, to assist you. You need key performance indicators (KPIs). KPIs give you targets or goals to work towards and provide a list of requirements that need to be met.

Each step on your journey to success will form part of your KPI. This will indicate the progress that you have made towards completing the project. Any pitfalls or victories along the way will need to be recorded and used to determine a strategic way forward. Project management offices such as monday.com provide a platform for you to track your business successes. Measuring KPIs with monday.com South Africa is quick and easy to do.

Why should I use KPIs?

While your business may have processes in place to ensure successful project completion, it can become complex and different to understand. Measuring KPIs with monday.com South Africa will help to simplify this process, making it easy for everyone to understand. monday.com allows your team to track their progress, share any shortcomings and collaborate with the rest of the project team. For example, one of your KPIs could be project completion within the deadline.

monday.com can assist you in seeing how much time was spent on the project and compare it to the estimate. It will easily illustrate the difference between the two. Coming in before the deadline is an obvious victory while going overtime will indicate an issue that may be related to your internal processes. The same can be said for your estimated costs and your final project costs, everything that goes into your project should have a benchmark to work towards, and ideally, your team should exceed these expectations.

Measure campaign success with Monday.com South Africa

How does measuring KPIs contribute to business success?

Whether a KPI records a negative or positive result, it all works towards improving business performance. It is important to remember that KPIs can change, and you need to be able and willing to adapt to these changes. They need to align with your business goals, and therefore, can improve internal processes. It will ensure that your systems add value to your business and that all objectives are being met.

Use monday.com South Africa to measure your KPIs

You can build your Monday.com boards to reflect these objectives within the project timeline. You can even go as far as to have them display in Gantt View. These graphs and pie charts provide a colourful, easy-to-understand data source.

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