Automation: Driving success in Africa

Here at Syscor, we have a goal of automating Africa. We believe that artificial intelligence (AI) is the future of business. The possibilities offered by this technology is enormous. This is why we do automation. It’s only a matter of time before AI and Machine Learning (ML) become a business standard. To remain competitive on a global scale, African businesses need to embrace this digital transformation.

We are pioneers in AI, ML and automation in general. We pride ourselves in our ability to provide our customers with customised solutions.

Automate work with South Africa was originally designed to be a project management tool. However, they soon realised that the tool could be used to manage almost anything. This software is now able to track and manage your team digitally and remotely.

Syscor is a sales, installation, and support partner to Our consulting team are all qualified to deliver a full installation and support offering. We will gladly share any referrals, in order to give you peace of mind.

AI Automation

AI technology makes it possible for machines to complete tasks that would have been completed by a human. This is fundamental when it comes to automating business processes. Machines can to adapt and learn from structured processes. As a result, your team can focus on more important matters.

Using ChatBots for Sales and Support

ChatBots have been a part of the online world for some time now. Essentially, these bots are able to respond to customer queries quickly and effectively. This means that your customers receive assistance whenever they need it.

Robotic Process Automation (RPA)

RPA uses AI to guide its processes and makes the system capable of Machine Learning and Deep Learning. This means that the software or bot will learn from structured processes and grow into a more independent system. As a result, you will free up time and resources that can be used more effectively elsewhere.

Data and Report Automation

When it comes to managing data, and in many instances, compiling reports, it can be a tedious process. By automating the process, you can target specific data centres. This will allow you to easily access information and convert it to a report. You can decide how complex the data management system should be, as well as who should have access to it.

The benefits of automating your business are enormous. Isn’t it time that you streamlined business processes? Contact us to find out more about how to get the process started and discover the potential it will offer your business.