Need a Trello alternative?

Most managers nowadays know that digital management solutions help foster collaboration and ensure order across the business. As the pace of work quickens, managing a project’s moving parts can be near impossible without management software. When looking for solutions, Trello and Trello alternative options like are sure to come up amongst tools out there for managing tasks and projects. So, what is Trello, and what do managers need to consider before choosing Trello as a platform for their team?

What is Trello?

Trello is a project management software with a Kanban view. This is the platform’s main focus.

Fun fact: the name Trello originates from the word trellis, a structure typically used to help bushes and plants grow!

Kanban project management is a methodology in which actionable pieces are drafted so every component of a project’s workflow is visualized, and so group participants are assigned duties that are effortless to track.

Trello users often select this tool due to the fact that it has been made for creating Kanban boards and offers key metrics associated with this method. However, it doesn’t probe deeply into other methodologies, like a Gantt chart view.

If you want a wider range of methodologies, then you may want to look at a Trello alternative.

What support is available?

Trello’s free plan doesn’t mention support, so it’s challenging to say what variety of support if any, its non-paying clients can expect.

For customers opting for Trello’s enterprise and business enterprise plans, customers are guaranteed an email response within one day.

Trello pricing

  • Free plan: $0 per consumer per month
  • Business Class: $12.50 per user per month (billed monthly), or $9.99 per person per month (billed annually)
  • Enterprise: The charge for the enterprise option changes based on how many users you need. For an enterprise with 500 users, the cost is $16.25 per user per month.

While each Trello tier consists of the main elements of Trello — like the boards and cards — the more exclusive and expensive plans offer more advanced features that include custom backgrounds and stickers, templates, board collections and customized fields, calendar’s view, integrations, and automations.

Trello app

Trello has apps for online use, for mobile and desktop. As the name implies, apps are used on mobile phones and can be used with a Wi-Fi connection or using a carrier’s data.

Trello boards

The original view Trello gives is the Trello board, which details cards underneath columns that can be custom-made with unique labels.

For example, a manager who makes use of Trello to manage a marketing assignment can create labels that characterize a range of classes of tasks, such as “LinkedIn ads”, “Blogs”, “Landing Pages” and “Design Materials”. The cards beneath these columns could include descriptions of the task, list owners, and project deadlines.

What is an alternative to Trello?

When you research Trello and its alternatives, you will also discover This is because is also an administration tool, but it is, in reality, more than that and presents many additional features. transcends the common definition of an administration platform because it not only presents a larger organization, time tracking, and task tracking, however, it also centralizes workflow, boosts engagement, fosters collaboration and accountability, and makes performance evaluation effortless.

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