Manage your tasks like a pro

No matter if you’re working on a unique challenge or simply going about your daily business, you have a list of matters you need to do on any given day.

Just randomly completing tasks every time you think of them or scattering sticky notes whenever you think of something that needs to get done, is not the best way to make sure everything is finished on time and performed well.

Likewise, simply going in chronological order and attempting to finish everything at once can also be a recipe for disaster… or a breakdown.

Task management is your secret weapon to ensure that you’re continually working on high-priority tasks and being as efficient as possible, besides burning yourself (or your team) out.

What is task management?

Task management is the manner of managing, prioritizing, and ensuring tasks are carried out on time. It’s a fundamental part of project management, where you deal with the granular, realistic division of labour. Not all tasks are equally important. That’s why you need a system place you can prioritize duties and agenda items based on their cost and view the existence cycle.

Why is task management important?

Leaving people to figure the whole lot out on their very own isn’t a precise idea. The average office employee spends as little as two hours and 53 minutes on productive things a day.

When achieved, all group contributors are protected in the task management process. That helps allow interaction amongst your workers, makes certain all people use their expertise, and boosts productivity. Let’s take a closer seem to be at the advantages of high-quality task management.

Boost productivity

An engaged workforce is a great workforce. Task management, when executed correctly, distributes duties to the right employee at the right time. Managing duties is like being a matchmaker. You want to think about the relationship between various components and the order in which you use them.

By involving the team in task management, you can set up a workflow that considers all transferring parts. That way, no one is stuck waiting for any individual else to finish. Everyone has an enticing project to work on, reducing the threat that they’ll distract themselves and co-workers with unproductive antics like on The Office (remember the jello stapler?).

Make sure that things get done

If you don’t have any systems in place, high-priority tasks will get dealt with like any other. Sure, a manager may send a few e-mail reminders. But that’s in no way a guarantee that the group will do it on time.

With clear priorities and due dates, high-priority tasks will get the interest they deserve. That’s a vital piece of creating an efficient workflow. There are many fantastic approaches to handle your projects, such as Kanban boards and Gantt charts.

Get an overview of your projects and business

Using task management software won’t only help your teams get things done, it consists of all task details. It will provide your managers and all team individuals a higher overview of what’s happening.

With the project visible, you can forecast any manageable bottlenecks or other problems. If someone falls behind schedule, you can effortlessly follow up and offer them help.

Improve collaboration 

Companies with collaborative working environments are five times more likely to be performers in their industry. With task management software, you get better transparency, and it’s less difficult for the crew to assist each other out.

How is task management used?

In a survey about’s users, we asked them what they used our software program for beyond the ambiguous term “project.” Many businesses use task management for advertising campaigns, managing creativity, and even HR.

Marketing campaigns

When putting up an innovative marketing campaign, companies normally follow a predefined set of steps.

First, they meet with the crew (or client) to settle on the budget, goal market, and predominant objectives. After that, they must delegate some tasks, from writing adverts to learning keywords or growing a page.

Task management software and concepts are an absolute necessity. You can find a notable free mission administration software program as nicely to shape your budget.

Creative and social media management

Likewise, an in-house design team or even a freelancer can’t function efficiently without a task manager. Even a small group may take care of over 100+ requests in any given week. It’s vital to recognize the availability of every designer, videographer, social media manager, and copywriter to assign tasks.

Software development

Software improvement is another enterprise system where task management is quintessential to business success.

You must balance bug fixes and incoming requests with the normal improvement goals. To be effective, you need to adjust and prioritize duties in real-time.

Human resources

HR managers balance a complex timetable to remain productive. With heaps of meetings, they must deal with rescheduling daily. Without a system that offers them a clear overview of their availability, each HR manager would want at least one assistant.

What is a fantastic way to manage tasks?

The best way to manage tasks is inside a task administration framework, the use of digital tools to make certain your team can collaborate regardless of where they are.

Why a digital platform like is the best option:

  • Every team member can access, and update task lists from any location, at any time
  • Task ownership comes with notifications to preserve human beings on track
  • There’s transparency: You can all see what everyone is working on at any given time
  • It’s handy to collaborate and share relevant sources inside the platform

Tasks don’t occur in isolation. Without transparency, it’s effortless to cease up with more than one person working on reproduction gadgets (oops), bottlenecks, and inefficient workflows.

Digital tools assist employees in pooling their resources when working on similar tasks. If Sharon discovered a shortcut that cut down her editing time from 2 hours to 15 minutes, she should share it with Bob who’s assigned a similar task. But if Sharon has no notion that Bob is even doing a similar task to hers, then he’s left out in the cold. Transparency is the basis of a healthy, effective, and collaborative workflow.

If you’re serious about improving your workflow, the first place to start is with task management software.


If you’re not just looking for a way to assign duties to people, but favour optimizing your complete workflow, is the answer. You can effortlessly create assignment boards and correctly distribute the entire workflow, but that’s only the beginning.

Use our large variety of templates to create high-level venture roadmaps in minutes, manipulate your resources, and manage varied factors of your business. Customize boards and create customized templates to suit your processes. You can additionally automate complex workflows with our automation guidelines and a lengthy list of integrations.

Collaboration is made easy with full transparency for monitoring tasks, as well as threaded comments, mentions, and different tools. With its many collaboration features, is a digital workspace that will assist your employer get greater work done in less time.

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