Understanding project software development and management

We’re not gonna lie to you, project software development and management can be quite hard. Compared to software program dev and IT, ordinary, run-of-the-mill task management is a walk in the park.

When you’re managing a software project, matters are constantly changing. New bugs pop up, updates go wrong, remarks can head south rapidly — you get the idea.

That’s why you need to use a flexible and reliable software project management tool t that can provide you a constant, 360-degree view on your software project management tool and sprints.

The information is that there are literally heaps of software project management software solutions out there to select from. In case you couldn’t tell, that’s also the awful news — due to the fact it can be difficult finding a place to start.

What is software project management?

Simply put, software project management is a very unique branch of project management that revolves around the planning, scheduling, resource allocation, tracking, and delivery of software, IT, and internet projects.

How does software project management differ from marketing, sales, or HR?

Ok, so software project management is a little bit distinctive than regular management because software program projects commonly have a longer — or even recurring — lifecycle that requires loads of tests and updates.

For example, if you had been managing a building project, it’s exceedingly handy to inform when the construction is all done. But software initiatives need a lot of great tuning, and so many recurring tasks need to be revisited on an everyday basis.

That’s why the majority of software projects are managed using an “Agile” fashion that keeps matters shifting quickly and helps teams adapt to constantly transferring customer or stakeholder feedback.

What’s agile task management?

Agile task management is an iterative approach to turning in a mission that promotes speed and adaptability.

Translation: This is a workflow style primarily based on repetition and flexibility.

The benefit of the use of Agile management is that you can alter tasks or trajectories as you go as a substitute then observe the same linear path from start to finish.

For example, you might run into unexpected bugs case issues when developing a internet challenge that forces you to rethink what you’re finally going to deliver and when. By the use of an Agile workflow, it is simple to quickly alter that trajectory, assign duties and adjust schedules.

What is the equipment used in software project management?

Software planning and task administration can be particularly tricky to get right. That’s why it’s honestly integral that your team deploys a project management solution that can assist you to get the job done.

Why use software project management tools?

According to researchers at PMI, 66% of businesses that use software project management end tasks within their original budget.

Only 47% of teams besides a task administration app simply manipulate to continue to be inside their original budget.

That’s due to the fact software project management tools come with a huge vary of elements that assist each and every member of your group get their tasks completed better, faster, and on budget.

So, what software project management program aspects could your software dev group use?

Here are a few key features just to wet your whistle:

  • Sprint planning performance permits you to format out your sprints and continually be in a great role to adapt to adjustments at some stage in the process. For example, with monday.com you can assign owners, determine story points, and share files in real-time.
  • Bug monitoring reporting makes it handy for non-tech kinds so they’re capable to open tickets except for the sort of friction you get with ordinary dev tools.
  • A consolidated view that helps you control and organize your backlog of tasks, and construct and adapt your project roadmap.
  • Flexibility is the biggest bonus you’ll get with software program assignment management tools. Your platform desires to be as Agile as your team. That’s why you be searching for a flexible solution with ready-made templates that you can structure to aid your specific use cases.

What software project management tool should you use?

Ok, so there are hundreds of software choices out there—but they’re no longer all geared up to take care of IT or dev projects. That’s why you’ve really got to do your homework and keep around for the right management system.

Introducing: monday.com

When it comes to software and web development, monday.com has acquired all the building blocks, bells, and whistles you need to get the job done.


  • 8 visual workflow preferences which include Kanban board, Gantt chart, map, and more
  • Over 40 integrations with other apps
  • Form sharing and collaboration with group contributors and clients
  • Automations to streamline multiple tasks
  • Hundreds of templates to suit each and every team, sector, or project
  • Another real plus of the usage of monday.com for software program projects is that we’ve got integration with Jira.

You can also turn problems that your client help group might highlight into tasks on your Jira account. That makes it super simple to keep multiple teams in the loop at some point in the decision process. Which potential happier customers, happier developers, and — let’s be honest — a happier you.

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