Tracked changes made simple

When more than one crew contributors work on a single document, be it a blog or list, things can get out of manage quickly. From miscommunication to poorly-managed inputs and edits, documents can quickly become a cluttered web of edits.

One modifying strategy, in particular, is regularly at the root of this confusion: Track Changes. While this word processor device can list adjustments in a single document, you might also need something greater when your group collaborates on a brainstorming session that consists of images, notes, and checklists.

What is Track Changes?

Track Changes is a feature in which users can edit a document. Each recommendation or exchange is marked to show the difference between the unique document and the edited version:

Track Changes in Word 

Other than suggesting and editing documents, tracking changes is essential for any team producing any sort of content. Below, we look at a few reasons why this function is crucial:

Why do you want Track Changes?

Track Changes is integral because it permits you to:

  • Keep a document of changes: you’re documenting who made what modifications and when
  • Boost collaboration: group members can make edits, talk about them, and accept/pass on suggestions with ease
  • Elevate remote team cohesion: asynchronous teams can easily see new modifications made via teammates
  • Separate edits from original work: When original content material is altered, collaborators acquire notifications
  • Take accountability for edits: every change is marked along with who made it, so group participants can ask about and explain edits

Typically, when using software like Microsoft Word, you have to share the file manually. Then your group individuals can confirm adjustments and send the file back to you for approval or edits. Team members may also have to talk about the file on different apps such as Slack or Gmail.

While a process like this is first-rate when a creator and editor go back and forth to suggest and edit the document — it doesn’t work for a whole group editing, and storing notes, ideas, and checklists.

Your new alternative to Track Changes: monday workdocs

Teams continuously taking part may want a feature that contributes to a more seamless process. Enter monday workdocs.

workdocs is the newest building block that offers groups a collaborative way to work together. Users can create items, others can edit them, and all of us can track adjustments in real-time using the Updates section.

Anyone can use workdocs to collaborate, compare, and execute ideas. With remote and hybrid teams becoming the norm, asynchronous collaboration is now at the forefront of how we work. And the present-day workplace calls for a without a doubt collaborative word function that’s extra than a easy writing tool.

How’s Docs can help asynchronous teams collaborate

Step 1: Gather all your thoughts in one place

A collaborative function like monday workdocs elevates your brainstorming processes and lets you store all your ideas in one place. You can create a doc for a positive subject and enable team members to make contributions in real-time. This allows them to soar thoughts off every other, get feedback, and make adjustments — immediately.

With this method, your team’s ideas are in one space rather than a fragmented series of distinct files, images, and comments. More importantly, your ideas are stored internally in your workspace. With this capability, your team can take a notion from its ideation to completion from a single Work OS.

Step 2: Share your ideas

Rather than writing down your ideas and manually sending them, you can routinely make certain all stakeholders see your work. By deciding on the ‘main’ sharing option, all group contributors can add exceptional ideas and collaborate in real-time. When you create and add a doc to a board, any person can view and edit the doc.

Have a thought that’s not fleshed out yet? Choose the private option and invite specific crew individuals to view and edit as soon as it’s prepared to go.

Want to share thinking and ideas with shareholders or clients? Create a shareable doc and invite them as a company so they can view your ideas. You can additionally exchange edit permissions as you see fit, whether you choose to be subscribed to the board to edit the doc or only the owners.

Step 3: Update participants on any changes

The Updates section lets you update your teammates or a particular crew member about changes. So if group member ‘A’ created the unique text, and you propose an update, you can open the Updates section by clicking on the speech bubble at the pinnacle of the window and tag (@A) so they see your suggestions.

You can also add new content at once on the doc, including images, text, checklists, or distinct files.

Step 4: Combine workdocs with task management

Since is a complete Work OS (and not a standalone processor), workdocs can at once improve your project management process. When you create a new workdoc, it doesn’t run the chance of getting lost or disconnected from the rest of your workflow. This workdoc can act as your team’s central system for concepts and ideas. It can track fruitful ideas right from the start and because it lives within your workspace, you won’t have to switch tabs or software programs to write down information. With monday workdocs, you can add ideas, notes, and suggestions from one central place, instead of having to juggle several links, folders, or documents, the whole thing lives within your current boards.

Step 5: Access your workdocs anywhere, anytime

Unlike a Word document, you don’t want to manually share and store your documents on a couple of devices. With’s desktop and cellphone apps, you can view workdocs any time, anywhere, be it on the bus or at the office.

The portability of workdocs makes it less difficult for remote workers to evaluate ideas at any time.’s workdocs enable organizations to collaborate in real-time, continue to be updated with elements from their Work OS, and execute thoughts seamlessly.

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