Boost your productivity with automation

When was the last time you optimized your email workflows? While your email marketing strategy might be effective, you could be lacking in ways to ensure productivity. Enter email automation.
We’ll look at five approaches to use email automation that will assist you to be a productive email marketer. These tips will also enhance the marketing campaign performance.

Why automation is essential in your email strategy

According to “The State of Email Marketing in 2021” 77% of the 240 email marketers surveyed say that maintaining verbal exchange with customers is their advertising objective. This was followed by upsells, cross-sells, and lead generation (56%). This can be done without problems using email automation.

Despite this, 18% of 1,500 entrepreneurs globally use automation in their email marketing strategy. This is according to the Not Another State of Marketing Report 2021 from HubSpot, Litmus & Wistia. 82% of these marketers are spending too much time and cash managing components of their email marketing manually.

5 ways to use email automation for next-level productivity

Automated welcome series

Chances are, you already have a welcome email in place for new subscribers to your email list. It’s a excellent way to introduce people to your product or persona.

A welcome email sequence instead of just one email is a awesome way to lay the basis for lasting relationships. This assists with new signups from the start—without starting from scratch for every correspondence.

An example could be an educational mini-course that teaches the recipient something new. If your content material is valuable, you can guide people through your advertising funnel with an email series.

Set expectations by simply bringing up how long the sequence will take and in what frequency the emails will reach people’s inboxes.

In the first email of the Marketing Examples series, you see “over the subsequent 5 days” mentioned as a time frame to give clarity to the reader.

Self-segmentation with hyperlink triggers

If your email advertising and marketing system provides hyperlink triggers, we recommend using them.

Link triggers are activities that are brought about when a hyperlink is clicked. They’re very helpful to activate workflows and automatically phase subscribers.

Let’s say that you prefer to understand what e-newsletter topics your audience is fascinated by. In your email, you add texts or buttons. Each of these is a hyperlink trigger. When anyone clicks on Interest A, this subscriber is automatically segmented. You can then begin a workflow with emails that are in particular centered on Interest A.

Automatic segmentation is a huge time-saver, as you don’t want to trouble with manual check-ins, client surveys, or focus groups. Just put into effect link triggers in exceptional emails and gather information over time.

In Typeform’s welcome email, the link trigger characteristic is used to research the skills of new subscribers and how they decide to learn.

One-click RSVPs for match marketing

Hosting an event? One-click RSVPs (offered through email offerings such as MailerLite) let email subscribers respond to your invitation with one simple click.

Instead of redirecting readers to a landing page to verify their participation, they can click on it at once within the email to RSVP. Eliminating this extra step results in time saved for your subscribers and a greater response for you.

Auto-resend emails

Sending your e-newsletter as soon as possible may not be adequate for it to reach its full potential and help you attain your conversion goals. At the time you despatched your newsletter, the reader may be unplugged and offline. When they do check their inbox, your message could have gotten misplaced in a pile of unread emails.

An effortless way to amplify your open rate? Set up an auto-resend campaign. This feature routinely sends the email again to subscribers who didn’t open it the first time around. You can alternate the situation line or add a observe (or none, or both!) and set the sending interval.


The more the email listing subscribers, the better? The answer is: no.

Email segments can be used to see which subscribers haven’t communicated with your content. Set a time, depending on your electronic mail frequency, and filter for individuals who haven’t opened your emails throughout this time.

Then, create an automatic workflow that sends this non-active segment a re-engagement campaign. You can choose to send one initial email and a follow-up email quickly to take action and remain subscribed. If the reply is no, the workflow can routinely unsubscribe unengaged subscribers. This continues your email stats excessive and your fees low.

How to use to optimize email creation

To take your email advertising productivity a step in addition and optimize the electronic mail advent phase of your efforts, getting started is as handy as growing a board.

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