Looking to manage work more effectively?

Ok, we get it, you’re a busy person, and anyone in your group is busy, too.

But have you ever stopped to wonder if you (and your team) are using your time effectively?

The sad truth is that most of us aren’t exactly accurate at task management. Statistically speaking, about 10 cents on each dollar is wasted because of poor management. So, what can you do to raise performance and better manage your task list?

You’ve already guessed it—because you clicked it—but simply for fun, we’ll spell it out for you anyway: task management software.

With properly online task administration software, you and your group ought to be capable to streamline necessary tasks, automate mind-numbing processes, and enhance conversation across your business. But if you need help navigating thru the different options, functionalities, and features, we’re right here to help discover the right match for you.

What is task management?

Task management is the technique of managing, prioritizing, and making sure duties are done on time.

What is task management software?

Task management software automates the complicated guide system of managing your team’s tasklist. It differs from undertaking administration in that challenge management refers to the precise framework accompanied to whole a project from start to finish.

By comparison, undertaking management is the act of prioritizing and finishing unique activities, which may not always be related to a project.

But why is task management more complicated than it seems?

  • Task completion is regularly structured on the successful conclusion of different related duties (we call that a “dependency” in the biz).
  • Larger tasks may additionally also have more than one related sub-tasks or sub-items, which other humans may additionally be accountable for.
  • Multiple duties may additionally want to be delegated or worked on collaboratively with fellow team members.
  • Tasks may additionally be habitual or can also endure repeating at some factor in the future.
  • Tasks are regularly tied to precise closing dates and might also have a predetermined timeline to adhere to.

So yeah, project management is a requirement.

Why use task management software?

We know that time is money, right? Well, if your group is unorganized, that means tasks are going to take longer — and cost a lot more — to tick off your task list.

According to researchers at PMI, 66% of companies using project management software programs finished tasks within their original budget, compared to 47% of groups working without a project management tool.

So, how can your team benefit from project management software? There are loads of positives here, but let’s just stick with the basics for now:

1. Eliminate manual tasks

Task management software programs can help you to automate about every boring, habitual task, set unique priority levels, and test the status of a couple of tasks in real-time. That frees you up to focus on more important matters.

Your group will be thanking you, too. Who likes to waste hours a day on admin and busy work?

2. Improve collaboration and communication

According to a 2019 survey, 80% of US people stated they felt stress because of ineffective company communication – 63% of employees want to quit their job as a result.

Sound familiar? A project management solution enables you to collaborate remotely in real-time. You’ll be able to assign tasks, keep teammates in the loop, and supply feedback ASAP.

3. Track your progress

Ever felt like you’re the last to see when something gets done? There’s an app for that.

Project administration software gives you a constant, high-level overview of each task that each member of your team is working on at any given time.

That makes project monitoring convenient so that you’re always up to date on the progress.

What makes task management software great?

Ok, so we’ve included why you want task administration software, however, that doesn’t mean that each off-the-shelf software is the right suit for you.

What type of functionality are you looking for?

Every task administration app comes with its set of bells, whistles, pros, and cons.

You shouldn’t be wasting your time looking at any project management solution that doesn’t have the following core features.


Let’s face it: every member of your group has something that makes them special, but odds are, not all of them are tech wizards.

That’s why you be looking for a task management software program that’s easy to use within your whole organization — from the newly-hired 23-year-old dev to the 78-year-old board member. This is one of the most important characteristics to look for in any new software program due to the fact worker pushback is damaging for the entire company.


An appropriate online project administration tool should be customizable. No two groups are alike, and so why should your task manager be the same as anyone else’s?

You ought to be looking for an app that can scale as your crew grows and integrate existing work apps that you’re already using. The high-quality task management software program also comes with a team, project-type, and industry-specific templates specifically designed for any occasion.

Customer support

You’re a fantastic supervisor with a smart team — but even the Avengers want help sometimes, right? That’s why you should be searching for a task management device with quick and reliable client support.

There are lots of incredible structures out there, however, earlier than you set up an account you must make sure the platform you’re selecting has got your back. For example, monday.com offers 24/7 support within an hour of the initial request.


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