customer success stories is proud to say that more than 125,000 organizations love using their Work OS to optimize the way their teams work.

Now, before we share these stories, we feel it’s necessary to give a quick recap on what is and how our Work OS has been changing lives for the better. in a nutshell

The software is a work OS that gives teams the ability to manage projects and workflows easily and effectively. It’s packed with features and easily customizable, making it ideal for any industry and businesses of any size. It’s built for purpose based on your needs.

The best part is that it is easy to implement and use, and is easily integrated with existing business apps and software. You can even take it a step further and automate some of the processes within your workflow.

How does a Work OS work?

A work operating system is a SaaS platform that allows teams to create and build apps capable of running their work processes. It’s cloud-based, easily accessible and allows team members to create and connect with tools required to execute and complete processes and projects. It provides a much-needed structure, allowing teams to achieve their goals faster and more efficiently.

A work OS features:

  • Capturing data and reporting on it
  • Automated processes
  • No-code and low-code interfaces
  • Communication options

Industries that benefit most from use in work OS include:

  • Construction
  • Creative teams
  • CRM and sales
  • Marketing
  • PMO

So, let’s take a look at some of our favourite customer stories

Citizens Bank

This is an American bank based in Arkansas.

Following the COVID-19 outbreak, the US government passed The Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security (CARES) Act as well as the Small Business Paycheck Protection Program.

They knew they would be inundated with loan requests as a result, but didn’t have an adequate workflow in place for processing them at this volume. They also needed a platform to increase transparency within their organization. assisted them with the impending influx by:

  • Going beyond a classic CRM tool: Citizens Bank was able to use for CRM needs in addition to creating custom boards for multiple and simultaneous functions.
  • Saving time on tasks: They saved time using statuses and automations to move loan applications through each stage and to each player in the approval process.
  • Increased transparency: They created dashboards with all loan data summarized for its Board of Directors to review at a glance.

The National Hockey League

The NHL is the world’s premier professional ice hockey league.

The team in charge of developing custom apps for the organization—over 30 business units—found themselves struggling to manage their increasing workload. They brought on a foreign agency to share the workload. Relying on email and text to collaborate across different time zones caused organizational silos, a lack of clear prioritization, and gaps in communication and execution of projects. assisted them by:

  • Increased transparency: Our easy, customizable drag-and-drop platform is ideal for managing sprints and other development efforts—in one place.
  • Building workflow apps: The NHL team gained a lot of freedom with Work OS by feeling free to break away from a standard development cycle and actually give other people on their team the power to build their own custom workflow apps in minutes.

Israel Command and Control Centre for (COVID-19)

In order to “flatten the curve” of COVID-19 cases, Israel established a National COVID-19 Control Centre. The Control Centre brought together several different civilian and military agencies, for the first time, to collaborate to manage the crisis and support the labs, hospitals, and first-responders working on the front lines.

Each ministry and agency has its own unique systems, processes, and methods, but none were connected to support this effort—finding a way to centralize all of these efforts was of the utmost and urgent importance. assisted them by:

  • An accurate data source: Powerful workflow apps, with web and mobile forms to collect accurate, real-time data from labs and hospitals were at the crux of this collaboration.
  • Maintain security standards seamlessly: Every workflow app was built with complex automations and permissions that give specific officials permission to grant approvals while locking the capability for everyone else.
  • Manage bids for suppliers: An integrated web-based form built on in Hebrew and English allows any vendor and supplier, anywhere in the world to easily submit an offer for supplies related to the response.


Entrepreneur is a premier print and online media source in Irvine, CA, for everything related to small businesses, offering inspiration and information on marketing, management, technology, the latest trends, and strategies.

With sales and client service teams distributed across the United States, Entrepreneur was seeking a customer relationship management system (CRM) that would allow their team to track their sales pipeline in an easily customizable manner that allowed data filtering.

They also wanted to eliminate their dependency and time lost on labour-intensive Google Sheets they used for managing and tracking their sales pipeline. assisted them by:

Accessing critical information:’s mobile app allowed the sales team to put their meeting notes in real-time on their boards, which then made it easy for client services to start their part of the process. This enabled a faster turnaround time.

Centralizing client communications: There was an increase in logging client conversations and in more detail, which helps paint a clearer picture of the sales pipeline and how opportunities progress.

Dashboards and reports: Dashboards and reports were a classic function for sales transparency across departments, but they also helped team members work towards work-life balance.


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