Collaboration shouldn’t be hard

In a world where teams are split up, with some working remotely, others in the office and the rest scattered across the world, it can be difficult to streamline things. And if you happen to be a marketer, it can make collaboration rather difficult.

Each team has its own processes in place and systems used to get things done. This can make working together even harder as different teams try to understand different ways of working together. For teams to work together effectively, regardless of department or location, something needs to be done. A system needs to be created that everyone is able to access and work with. This is where steps in.

Collaborating with the necessary departments

For marketing efforts to succeed, marketers need to work within different departments. This can include sales, the design teams, web developers, customer support and all the leaders and managers within the business – no pressure.

Let’s start by looking at sales. It’s pretty obvious that marketing and sales go hand in hand, after all, the purpose of marketing is to boost sales. To help better understand the sales process, marketers should spend time learning how the sales team works with customers to generate leads. This can include job shadowing, listening to call recordings, following their social media channels and looking at their workflow.

Next up, we have the design team. After all, what is a marketing campaign without the stunning graphics that go along with it? Both the designer and marketer need to understand the needs of the customer and find ways of bringing them to life through text and images. If you want to help your design team save time, share a few examples along with the brief to help them get started.

The customer journey needs to be properly managed, which is where the developers come in. They develop the rollout of products and it is quite a technical process. This can take time, so before promising the world to customers, find out what is achievable as well as how long it would take to do.

On the frontline, we have the customer support team. The people dealing with the audience you will be marketing to and the direct line of communication. They have the information you need to develop a successful marketing campaign, all you need to do is ask them to share it. Look at what customers are happy about and the things that are putting them off and address both.

Lastly, management needs to know what is going on. They need to be updated regularly and without asking. Creating a dashboard that they can easily look at will help this process immensely.

Bringing it all together

So, to communicate with each department effectively and ensure that everyone is on the same page, you need a solid system. A work OS that can help get everyone on the same page and provide a quick overview of what needs to be done. is one of the best options out there if we do say so ourselves.

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