5 reasons why you should use monday.com in finance

Project management is a necessity in the world of business. In essence, project management has a crucial strategic and supportive role in ensuring that the company maintains its growth and sustainability plans in a predictable, accurate and cost-effective manner. The complex nature of project management threatens many finance-related projects.

Projects often require project managers to juggle multiple plans, tasks, and resources to deliver unique services, products, or results. The task becomes more difficult because managers cannot implement projects on their own. This is usually a group of people from different organizations or departments – sometimes located in more than one geographical location.

There are many issues that can ruin your project. Some of the challenges are unique to each project, while most of them are general issues that limit project types.

Fortunately, there are a lot of tools; some project management platforms are free, while others are free. When it comes to premium project management tools, monday.com may be one of the better options.

Here are a few reasons why you should use Monday.com in finance

  1. It has powerful reports

Effective project management requires accurate and timely reporting. This is because; as a project manager you need to know where the team members are in terms of assigned tasks. On the other hand, stakeholders need to be regularly included in the project performance timeline and budgets. When it comes to reporting, monday.com allows you to measure almost anything.

There are two types of reports; individual and high-level reports. Each user’s report provides an important measure of team performance. For example, if you are a sales manager, these reports can help you retain leads and track team progress.

On the other hand, high-level reporting can accurately track your multiple projects. The low level of managerial reporting will basically help you to monitor the fulfilment of tasks in detail. Alternatively, you can use the high-level administration panel to monitor general information, such as project milestones, who is responsible for the task, and determine if projects are delivered on time.

  1. Supports multiple use cases

Another reason monday.com will work well for your business is support for multiple use cases. It is now worth noting that many vendors do not create project management platforms as a universal package. Instead, they focus on feature selection and use it as the basis for the application. With customization and integration capabilities, users will be able to configure the platforms to suit their needs.

  1. Supports multiple integrations

Even better, monday.com works well with all the project tools you use in finance. You can easily synchronize data from multiple applications and consolidate the work of your team. The software integrates seamlessly with tools like Slack, Asana, Trello, Google Drive, Gmail, Zendesk, Jira, Dropbox, Google Calendar and Excel. What’s more, it works seamlessly with Shopify, Basecamp, Clearbit, Twilio, MailChimp, Github, Todoist and Box. And to sweeten the deal, monday.com plans to add Webhooky and Salesforce together.

  1. Supports mobile devices

Monday.com allows your team members to switch between PCs and mobile devices using the monday.com app. The application is available for Android and iPhone smartphones. With the application, team members in action have a workflow management tool in their pocket. They can easily see who is working on something, collaborate with other members and even follow the progress of the finance project.

  1. It has a reasonable price

As such, even with the most luxurious features, because the platform cannot guarantee large sums of money, it is not good enough. Fortunately, as you can see, monday.com offers some of the best features. The platform is also reasonably priced, which means it is ideal for businesses of all sizes.

Prices will vary depending on the size of your team and the number of project management features. The best part is that you can upgrade, downgrade, or cancel your plan as needed.

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