continues to win our No. 1 choice for project management software. In addition to supporting a wide range of applications, the software is packed with features. It comes with collaboration, timeline view, calendar view, time tracking and more interactions. Whether you are a freelancer, a business organization or anything in between, it has a lot of functionalities and is flexible enough to work for almost anyone.

Here’s the reason.

More project views: gives you everything you need to visualize projects based on your preferences, including one-click Kanban, Gantt, timeline and calendar views. If you want a large view of photos or you want to see daily tasks in one view, you can easily switch views and scroll down or zoom in as you need. A large number of views, including a fully own view, provide you at a glance with all the data and information you need about the conditions of the project. This allows you to stop wasting time looking for what you need.

Built-in time tracking: is one of the few project management tools on the market with built-in time tracking features. Most project management tools only offer time tracking as an add-on, so getting it at no extra cost (on a Pro plan or more) is a theft. If our time tracking and project management tools work well together, you’ll get a detailed view of how long the tasks take, and the entire timeline of your projects – you know the minute and most of the overtime tasks. Users can turn the tracker on or off with a single click or enter the time manually. You can even track the time from anywhere using the mobile app and a few taps. And with automation, you can eliminate repetitive tasks like informing a team or moving a map from one column to another.

Strong integration:’s integration with the business tools and applications you already use extends your project management processes while helping your team do more in less time. With the right combinations that you don’t have to repeat across platforms, you can create workflow automation to eliminate repetitive administrative tasks and keep everything on autopilot. Monday’s project management software syncs with everything you need, including Slack, Dropbox, Zoom, Shopify, Google Calendar, Gmail, Todoist and more than 40 other tools.

Custom templates:

Creating processes and setting up project management systems from scratch is not only time consuming but also unnecessary, thanks to the number of custom templates on Templates not only save you time but also make it easier to get started. offers many free templates for project portfolio tracking, team tasks, campaign planning, contact management, customer arrival, help desk cards, event planning, PMO project planning, product scheduling and more. Whether you manage a project or advanced projects with hundreds of users, has a template to meet your needs.


One of the most common reasons companies invest in project management software is to automate repetitive tasks – most of them provide this feature and is no different. But it takes things one step further by making automation fully customizable and easy to use for everyone on your team. With just a few mouse clicks, you can automatically move a task from one phase to another, assign another team member to replace it, and notify them by email as Slack. While this is just one example, it can save a lot of time and ensure that processes are monitored to the end without having to manually perform actions each time. The automation builder follows the basic logic, making it even more intuitive, even if you haven’t created automation yet.

Easy to use:

The idea behind project management software is that it can make your life easier instead of adding another tool that your team can’t use. is not only the easiest software for PM, but it is by no means the most difficult. In less than an hour, you and your team will know everything you need to know – without relying on professional training. It has an extensive knowledge base with hundreds of video tutorials to help you get started, solve problems and speed up your crew. And if you have a problem, the support team is available 24/7 via live chat.

Dashboard Reporting and Task Management:

Whether you’re a decision-maker looking for a faster way to get the data you need, or a manager who needs to balance the workload in your team, has many different features designed to help you they helped both of them. . Dashboards are more customizable and make it easier to view all the most important data at a glance. Want to get a high-level view of your project budget? No problem. Do you want to see the status of the project at a glance? Easy. There are 15 built-in widgets that you can use to create dashboards, including one specifically for workload management. The capacity planning widget provides managers with real-time capacity updates, allowing them to allocate available resources in seconds. In addition, users can create private or public dashboards depending on who they want to share them with.

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