Whether its presence on social networks on multiple channels, cracking code to acquire users or creating a print campaign, most marketers have tons on their plate.

If you notice that your plate is starting to flood, don’t worry – you are not alone. Adobe recently surveyed 1,000 marketers and found that 40% felt that their marketing efforts were ineffective.

So what is the cause? We have defined three barriers that contribute to this marketing congestion:

Barrier 1: Lack of teamwork and communication

Solution: Facilitate better communication through shared workspaces

What happens when teams move and break up? The departments stopped communicating and cooperating, which led to impaired productivity. According to the Harvard Business Review, organizations with low employee engagement and low communication scores have an overall 18% lower productivity.

Communication and collaboration are essential for any successful marketing team – because they support effective collaboration, keep everything in line and ensure that everyone works towards a common goal. But outside the marketing wall, marketers must ensure that there is a working relationship between them and other offices; these include sales teams, customer support, engineering, and even C-level management.

Barrier 2: Lack of resources

Solution: Support team autonomy and the use of templates

Today, marketers are trying to find the right resources to keep up with the flow of their many jobs. This lack of resources can be attributed to three areas:

  1. Content, Content, Content – Marketers are increasingly in need of creating original quality content – from e-books, blogs, videos, and social media posts – around the world.
  2. The need for speed – the need to increase efficiency, speed, and agility of delivery
  3. High expectations – constant pressure to achieve and persuade growing business goals.

One of the resources that can help teams quickly (and essentially) overcome these three terrible obstacles is to give them autonomy in their work. Team autonomy means that the team will work together for a specific purpose and will take responsibility and responsibility for determining the best way to complete the work while working with complete transparency. Autonomy also ensures effective decision-making and allows teams to easily change their strategy without losing momentum to maximize impact.

Another resource that all marketers should consider is using different templates to manage all of their content requirements. At monday.com, we’ve created some great content management templates, including a content calendar, blog planning template, and more. For example, a content calendar helps groups create an interior design plan and create a clear and visual approach to ideas so that groups can focus on creating valuable content.

With this template, teams can submit all tasks directly to the bulletin board and plan, track and organize all their content needs. Teams can use different colors and labels to customize by content class, clients, topics, assigned author, and more. By using templates, teams are more efficient, support team autonomy, and have a better chance of compelling business goals. internal calendar

Barrier 3: Lack of processes

Solution: Implement a working OS

Marketers waste a lot of time due to the lack of a clear workflow and the overall structure of their day-to-day operations. As the world of work continues to move away, a trend accelerated by the COVID-19 pandemic, teams have become decentralized.

According to Gartner, by 2022, more and more marketing teams will be decentralized. If this is the way we focus, teams need to define their processes for effective workflows. Defining a clear process is also important because the marketing task is largely content-shifting. Companies want to maintain more control over what teams produce and build the necessary skills internally – they only look for support outside the office when the most competent skills are needed.

So what’s the answer? This is good effective job management. To this end, many companies have decided to implement several different point solutions for different aspects of their marketing workflows.

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