During the pandemic, CMOs tried to keep track of daily and sometimes hourly changes. But now we are ready to move forward and take in the bigger picture. So reflection (and planning and preparation) is the name of the game.

Questions to consider include:

  • How to keep teams efficient and motivated when working remotely
  • How to prioritize tasks, workflows, and communications
  • How to stop spending so much time on Zoom

The impact of this development is particularly felt by marketers. They must immediately cancel campaigns and change strategies. But there is a silver lining to all this chaos. Weathering so many storms puts CMOs and marketing teams exactly where they can be most effective: at the cutting edge. This is where they can see what’s coming more clearly and quickly. It’s also why they’re leading the way in understanding what they need to prioritize in their for their organizations to not only survive but thrive.

So what can we learn from these pioneers and thinkers?

Here’s what’s most important for CMOs as we approach the next phase of working in an ever-changing environment.

Storage of things at home

In many ways, the pandemic has thrown the sales department into overdrive, requiring maximum flexibility and lightning-fast turnaround times. So it’s no surprise that many organizations that previously used external marketing agencies are bringing the work in-house. This allows them to reduce their marketing budgets, improve their agility and lean on their brand voice when it’s needed most.

That doesn’t mean agencies are going on the redlist anytime soon, as they still offer a myriad of benefits, such as:

  • Define strategic direction
  • New business development and growth
  • Contributes fresh and diverse expertise
  • Drumming up new sources of creativity
  • Invest in remote work tools

With a large portion of the workforce working from home, it’s no longer possible to tap a colleague on the shoulder, knock on the boss’s door, or hop into a conference room to touch base with the team. But teamwork, efficiency, and a smooth and transparent workflow are still the most important components of a successful operation.

So what’s a CMO to do? The answer is simple: invest in technology.

Video conferencing, team chats, project management software… the possibilities have exploded since 2020, and more are popping up every day, and for good reason. The majority of marketing teams – more than 80% – that have access to these technologies credit them with not only maintaining their effectiveness but also increasing it.

One collaboration solution aimed at CMOs is Work OS. This kind of all-in-one platform makes it easy for entire teams to connect and create, whether it’s tracking workflows, sharing resources, collecting data, or simply communicating.

Show the impact of marketing on the bottom line

If you’ve been in marketing for any length of time, you probably know that sales teams often have to strategically pull their corners when it comes to proving their impact. That’s because the value marketers bring to an organization—especially in terms of customer retention, branding, and engagement—can be difficult to measure.

Without providing numbers and hard data about their contribution to the bottom line, it can be easy for sales teams to be seen as a drag on company resources. This is another important area where a working OS is worth its weight in gold. By tracking things like workflows and KPIs, the work OS becomes a tool that explains how much work and values the marketing team is producing and clearly shows how these professionals are essential to the success of the organization.

They focus on scaling For many organizations, their 2020 annual report sounds like a horror story: financial losses, slow growth, unmet goals, and other things that shock the C-suite. It only makes sense then that many organizations are looking for a breakthrough by focusing on growth and scaling. The tried and true method for successfully scaling a business requires several key features: Attract talent with the necessary skills and experience


Get a budget to fund recruitment and development

Invest in technology that simplifies, centralizes, and aligns workflows When all these elements come together in the right way and at the right time – then magic (ie growth) happens. We’re not done with pivots yet Going forward, the organization must be flexible.

CMOs who want to stay on top work to make their teams and processes resilient, so no matter what comes, they are ready. For teams to collaborate seamlessly without being overwhelmed by misunderstandings and data silos, they need the right platform.

With monday.com Work OS, they can break the static and accelerate an idea from imagination to realization in record time. Do you need to rethink your marketing campaign? No problem. Recreate the brand’s core message? Management. A change in strategy? All in one day’s work.

Prepare for the next normal with confidence and clarity

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