When it comes to the world of project management, each new project brings a new set of challenges. Add to the mix the complexity of creative projects and you have creative project management.

Along with completing a project within project scope and budget, project managers must navigate client expectations while managing creativity. In this post, we’ll look at what it means to be a creative project manager and how to effectively manage creatives.

What does a creative project manager do?

The definition of a creative project manager is someone who works primarily with creative people on projects.

Creative project managers must foster inspiration and honor the creative process and the project team. At monday.com, for example, creative project managers oversee the work of creative professionals. They work on things like video production, offline ad creation, marketing plans, and more.

If you enjoy working with cross-functional team members, have a flair for detail, and can balance creativity with managing business objectives, then this role is for you.

What is project management in a creative agency?

In a creative agency, a creative project manager leads a creative team that works with different clients.

For creative and creative project managers who work in-house, the focus of all work is the company they work for. In an agency environment, the team and project manager work with many clients. They therefore have a wide range of topics in their creative projects.

With in-house creatives working for an organization, they can gain a deep understanding of the brand, its audience, and its goals over time. However, creative agencies work with a wider range of clients and therefore have less depth and more breadth in these aspects.

What is project management in a creative agency?

In a creative agency, a project manager leads their team in delivering the client’s creative work.

Project management in a creative agency includes: Managing creativity. Creative project managers manage many individuals. Depending on the nature of the project, you can manage web designers, UX designers, copywriters, branding specialists, web/mobile developers, and more.

You lead a team of individuals with different skills and skill levels, all working towards a common goal. Manage time, cost, and scope. There are many moving parts in creative project management. The role of the project manager is to ensure that the team delivers the promised creatives within the set parameters, from staying on budget to completing tasks on time.