Your email is an isolated space, often a vortex where information is lost and things slip through the cracks. So how can you ensure that projects run smoothly and that everyone is on the same page? You use…

At Syscor, we know that every good project starts with a board. This is how it works. A table is made up of elements, components, groups and columns. Things can be customers, businesses, meetings, purchases, etc.

Start with the basics of

To create a new board, click “+ Add” on your left side. Next, name your board, choose the board’s privacy level, and choose what you want to name your content.

Add columns to organize important details, such as email address, location and item status. Organize items into groups for other arrangements. You can customize all the tables according to your needs. Or use a template.

If you don’t want to start from scratch, you can browse templates in the template centre. We offer templates for every need, from production and content creation to student life and creativity. Whether you create your board from scratch or a template, your board will be customizable!

Start working together

The best thing about a board is that it seamlessly organizes your work. Here’s how you can manage this project using all the tools has at your disposal.

Assign something on

With permissions, everyone on the team can see all aspects of a project and engage in collaboration, but first, authorization is necessary. Use the People column to assign items.


Use the updates section to inform everyone about item progress; ask questions, share updates, and attach files. To make it fun, add GIFs, emojis, and @contact members.

Track progress

Use the status column to save your progress. There’s nothing disappointing about seeing your entire column turn one colour when you’re all done! Green is our favourite.

Improve your board with ideas

The advice goes through this basic process. You can add views to improve the performance of your table or to gain useful insights. Use the form view to automatically collect feedback on your board, the file view to view a gallery of your files and highlight those in progress, or the graph view to visualize your board data.

There are many more to choose from. Take a look at the table views article for an overview of all available views. Apps, created by a diverse community of developers, are available for your niche needs.


And to improve productivity, try adding input and automation to your workflow. These tools are the best way to eliminate manual labour. With automation, these possibilities are limitless. But some of our most popular links are very basic, like Gmail and Outlook links.

Look at the big picture

Once you’ve built your workflow across multiple dashboards, you can use dashboards to see all of your data at a high level. Dashboards are capable of integrating data from multiple tables into a single view. It’s a great way to make comparisons and measure team performance.