The problem with social media marketing is the sheer workload.

You translate content for multiple platforms while managing community feedback and tracking performance. That’s why you need to think ahead – plan targeted campaigns and automate as many low-level tasks as possible.

The death of social media comes in the form of management. If you can’t stay on top of planning, creation, distribution and research, you will struggle to achieve your marketing goals.

If you’re marketing for social media, here’s how to generate the highest ROI on any platform in 4 steps.


Research your audience


Customers expect businesses to anticipate their needs and provide personalized suggestions to meet these requirements. If your brand doesn’t do this, it will fall behind the competition.

To get to the heart of your audience’s desires and motivations to buy, you need to think like a buyer. You need to understand their characteristics, interests and behaviour.

Customize your campaign

Don’t try to create your campaign on the fly. You need a social media marketing plan. To ensure you get a good return on investment (ROI) when doing social media marketing, you need to set campaign goals and content strategies to achieve those goals.

Most brands broadcast on social media 3-4 times a week. Follow this practice to stay in the public eye, but be aware of timing. When you post on social media it will also affect its visibility. Be sure to find the best time for your company and target audience based on research and analysis.


Organize your content


Automation is the secret of every successful social media marketer. In the same way, you can repeat the administration function repeatedly. This makes the process faster and saves you from depression and a short period of daily management. Think about it: you will no longer have to manually identify the team members or move the paper between the safes.

By connecting your social platforms to, you can schedule your social content to be published automatically. Not only does it save you time from manual posting. It also means you can post all night long so your social media can reach a global audience.

Track your performance

To truly understand the ROI of any advertising channel, you’ll need to track and measure the effectiveness of your campaigns.

This way, you will see where you are spending time, money and shopping. You will need to determine your key performance indicators (KPIs) – which are your indicators of success.