A task board is defined as any visual aid, digital, physical or otherwise, designed to keep tabs on work.

Now for the who, where and why:

Every team or project manager should know how to use a task board! They come in all shapes and sizes, so they are suitable for almost anyone and any job. Statistics suggest that keeping a written record of your goals makes you 20-40% more likely to achieve them. This is even more important if you want to focus on the whole team. But it’s how you manage the job board that will determine your success.

What is an Agile Task Board?

Agile refers to project management that divides large projects into smaller ones. It is “agile” because team members can move in and out, fitting into one part of the puzzle at a time. An agile plan defines what needs to be done in each sprint and creates an iterative process to help the team know what they can accomplish.

One study found that Agile projects are 28% more efficient. You can easily integrate software into your project management system.

Master the art of the Scrum board

Like a radiator that provides heat, the Scrum board is a place where all employees can gather information. Ideally, the Scrum task board divides tasks into several categories:

Activities: Things that have been assigned, but not yet attended
Ongoing: The project team is currently working
Review: A job that has been completed or is awaiting review from a manager
Done: The manager job has been completed

In addition, there are a few important things that make a Scrum board work well:

Colour Code: This is the fastest way to check on the job board and understand exactly where the job is. Use colour to differentiate job levels. Careers: Careers without careers are just an idea. Anyone checking a job board should see exactly what job they are assigned. Completion: Give the project (and individual tasks) a due date.

How to choose a Task Board app?

The above three points are also great criteria for choosing a solid job board application for your business.

Here’s a checklist of some of our favourite features to keep in mind when choosing an action board app:

Onboarding: How easy is it to get users on board via email? Integrations, like those offered by monday.com, connect to the tools you already use to keep all of your team’s work together in one place.
Visuals: Text is important to everything, but visuals are the universal language. In particular, you want to keep the visual work environment set up for quick viewing.
Classification: People don’t think in levels. Look for a “grid” layout that creates a simple list of steps, so anyone can get started using the job board tool quickly and easily.

What are the best practices for managing an online digital job board?

Use frequent logins. A company that hasn’t innovated isn’t very profitable. Make a habit of updating the job board every time you do something, like accepting a team member’s job.

To prioritize. It’s hard to do something when a team member has three different things on their plate. Remember what Mark Twain said about hard work: “If it’s your job to eat a frog, you’d better do it first thing in the morning.” Eating a frog in this context means doing the most important and unpleasant task… and putting it first.