’s work with project management tools is the first thing people think of, but we can also look at as a CRM. Although it is not as cost-effective as a full-time marketing team and CRM platform like Salesforce, the CRM software covers almost all of your basic and advanced CRM needs and goes beyond sales, including sales and customer service.

What is for?

For starters, is very useful for small groups, startups, and businesses, helping them organize and act more clearly.

But for now, it’s good to introduce the features used by, such as project management, time tracking, and project management. It is used to help teams communicate and collaborate, even over long distances. is also good at working, which takes care of simple tasks, giving your employees more time to do complex things like creating or networking with contacts.

There are many use cases for, here are a few:

  • Organize marketing campaigns for email or social media.
  • Manage customers and other companies.
  • Manage your Facebook ads.
  • You can do event marketing.
  • Marketing and CRM

Could take over Salesforce?


You can manage key CRM functions and help sales teams organize and respond to meet their sales goals.

IT is great for IT jobs. You can manage ticketing requests. Get quick insight into all the issues being addressed. There are also good computer rules for hardware and software.

Tracking hours

HR usage issues include managing job application forms. There are tools and templates for basic HR functions that include recruitment, onboarding and training. You get employee engagement surveys and HR services in application form.


Building and construction companies are turning to CRM vendors, and has many uses for these companies. Contractor solutions, construction maps, and resource management are just a few features.

Real estate

Real estate is another area of the economy that is increasingly finding the case for CRM and project management tools like They have templates for managing a real estate agency and other real estate CRM features.