It is a flexible business tool

In terms of style and complexity, the work varies. In addition, different businesses and their relevant departments have unique ways of completing projects. As such, project management software should be flexible enough to support different project requirements.

Change makes so valuable. With the platform, you can customize your device to meet your specific control style without compromising flexibility. The software allows you to manage all types of tasks and workflows within your business that involve multiple teams with precision.

It is very visual

If there’s one thing that defines, it’s visibility (it ranked first in our display management software category). Keeping track of individual tasks, deadlines, and goals for each task in a business can be overwhelming. Mainly, when you are managing many tasks and different teams, fatigue can take its toll, reducing the productivity of your team. To combat this, has features that look like parts but are awesome and powerful in equal measure.

First, the platform has adopted a bright colour code that makes everything look good. Colour schemes allow you to visually organize tasks, view tasks, and track progress at a glance. You can see the status of each task, what is to be done, the upcoming deadline, and more. Finally, a visual colour palette provides a clear definition of your work and keeps everyone on your team fresh.

Second, offers an amazing table view, offering a layout that is reminiscent of an Excel spreadsheet. However, unlike Excel, Spreadsheets offer great functionality for gathering and searching project data. You have several board views, including calendar, timeline, file, Kanban, chart and map view.

These ideas put digestible information at your fingertips, allowing you to see the big picture of any business project. In particular, the timeline view is’s version of the Gantt chart. The view allows you to manage team members and their responsibilities with unprecedented ease. Graphical monitoring provides an overview of your workflow, allowing you to make smart decisions to increase productivity. Together, the colour palette and table view create a visual and interactive workspace for a project.

It has intuitive dashboards

Dashboards are handy tools for team members and project managers. They organize the workflow and keep the project managers informed about what is happening on each board. Most importantly, they support decision-making, connect teams, and speed up service delivery.’s dashboards feature the features you need to improve performance.

Dashboards gather the information you need and display it in one place. In other words, they give you a 360-degree view of visual metrics and team KPIs. In particular, dashboards make it easy to monitor project budgets and progress and determine team members’ performance.

Helps you communicate and collaborate easily within the business

When you work at the corporate level, work can cross departments and even national boundaries. This allows you to have the opportunity to work with a diverse group of professionals; therefore, skills are used to perform these tasks. However, getting all the skills on board and managing the energy of the project creates a formidable challenge. It can be intimidating for team members to know what’s going on outside of their direct access.

Fortunately, addresses these concerns from the start with its support and strong communication tools. In particular, board comments and tags allow your team to communicate quickly and keep all professionals who need to be involved in the loop.

More importantly, has an update section reminiscent of social media. The department ensures that all communications and files related to a project or project are kept in place and a central location.

Helps you submit tasks and track progress easily allows you to submit tasks and track project progress easily. When you’re working on a more complex project that involves remote teams, it’s easy to create a board for each project. Once they get there, you don’t need to tell anyone about the project and the project. Instead, tasks are put into a timeline and assigned to each individual based on their skills.

The best thing is that each project comes with detailed instructions. As a result, the whole team can visualize what needs to be done and when it needs to be done. This makes life easier for you and your teammates.