By using marketing tools, marketing professionals can better understand and shape the customer journey and plan how best to approach potential customers. They can also spend their time and effort on tasks that lead to successful sales rather than on administrative tasks.


Your CRM system is only as good as the data you enter into it – and a lot of information slips through the cracks in most businesses. Chorus helps you keep track of potentially lost data by recording and transcribing real-time sales calls. It extracts information from your calls to help you analyze what happened and how to win each customer, and its search capabilities allow you to find key customer conversations that can make a big difference.


If you use all G-Suite tools, Copper may be your CRM of choice. Because it’s from Google, Copper integrates Gmail, Chrome, Calendar, Google Workspace, and other G Suite apps, providing a complete, easy-to-use CRM with a minimal learning curve. Its service management capabilities are simple and powerful, and it comes in three pricing tiers so you can get just the features your business needs.


Successful marketers understand the importance of data for marketing and sales – and that’s where Crunchbase shines. This is where you can get investment, industry trends, and industry insights, whether you’re targeting a startup or a Fortune 500 company. Millions of users around the world rely on Crunchbase as their source of business data.


When you close a contract, you want to get the contract signed as soon as possible. DocuSign makes this easy with unparalleled functionality and electronic signature capabilities that allow anyone to sign any document from anywhere. The software makes it easy to prepare, sign, manage, and manage contracts, and seamlessly integrates with all major CRM platforms.


This email productivity tool integrates with G-Suite software to measure and analyze what’s happening with your email, helping you keep tabs on KPIs that include hourly or daily traffic volume and average email response time. Its interface is easy to use and provides regular reports to the marketing team so that they can track the success and improve your email marketing campaigns if necessary.


Intercom is a product that combines targeted messaging with live chat. It lets you connect with website visitors and browsers, provides interactive engagement during the onboarding process. Additionally, it provides live information across multiple devices. Intercom is well suited to small businesses as well as large enterprises. Use it to customize messages for individual prospects or the entire business, or send in-app messages to users to build relationships and understand customer behavior, especially when users are blocked.

LinkedIn Sales Navigator

When they have the right information at their disposal, your agents can do better. LinkedIn Sales Navigator is a sales intelligence tool that integrates with various sales tools to help you target potential buyers. It can also track leads, and deliver personalized messages for effective customer engagement.


This software integrates resource allocation, analytics, business planning, and communication into one platform, and it integrates well with other tools. Use it during the customer journey for tracking and monitoring. The ability to see how your team is using resources allows you to share insights and close more deals.


Account-based marketing software allows you to maximize your marketing efforts. The app’s Data Studio handles the data you need to create campaigns. You can also use the Measurement Studio to access the kind of analytics you need to see what you’ve done well and how you can optimize your campaigns on the fly and in the future. This comprehensive software allows you to create targeted advertising through the website and to communicate with customers with the power of audio and video, with full engagement across all channels.


In recent years, marketing organizations have realized how powerful video conferencing can be. The Zoom app has been in many ways at the center of this communication revolution. This is because it enables you to communicate instantly with customers and prospects anywhere in the world. The ability to record calls, host webinars, and host meetings with remote teams make it a must for any sales team looking to communicate effectively and efficiently.

We think some of these tools are great, and we use some of them ourselves. But did you know that you can also use as a marketing management tool? And by partnering with Platinum Partner Syscor, you can rest assured knowing that your setup will be seamless.