Back in the day, teams used to operate like independent companies – with different goals, workflows, and software to help get it all done.

However, as the way we work evolves, software requirements go beyond the needs of individual teams, extending to entire organizations. Modern organizations are looking for software that can serve each team in a flexible, organized, and scalable work environment.

Today, we will review two platforms that aim to serve multiple teams in one organization – Work OS and ClickUp.

What is is an operating system where any team or organization can create a custom operating system to meet their needs. Everything from tracking marketing campaigns to managing inventory is easy to set up, manage and measure with Work OS. integration

Community integration is critical for scalability and usability across industries. Without integration with email providers, CRM systems, etc., adding a functional OS to your technology machine can create more work instead of redoing processes. offers native integration with over 40 of the devices your company uses the most. pricing Work OS offers pricing options for every type of user, from individual users to companies with thousands of employees. The Basic plan is good for small groups who don’t plan to create complex workflows. If you’re a team that wants to do all of its work in one place but don’t need the upgrade to enterprise capabilities, the standard plan is the most popular option.

What is ClickUp?

ClickUp is productivity software designed as an internal tool to help teams work and grow to serve multiple teams. Members use ClickUp to manage to-do lists, calendars, documents, spreadsheets, and more.

ClickUp integrations

ClickUp has native links and some must-haves like Google Drive, Slack, Outlook, Microsoft Teams, and more. However, to integrate with some critical software like Salesforce or Hubspot, you’ll need to use other plugins like Integromat or Zapier. In addition, integration cannot be configured as automatic which can make it difficult to create workflows.

ClickUp Pricing

ClickUp also offers tiered pricing, from free plans to enterprise plans. These offerings differ in storage, features, and the number of automations or integrations the features offered.

Choose with confidence

We have seen in more ways than one that the way we work is constantly changing. Whether your organization is changing, adapting to new technologies, moving to a hybrid operating model, or entering a new industry, it’s important to have an operating system that grows and evolves. – grow up with you.

Now that you have some basics of a working operating system, it’s time to consider your options and which ones will best meet your organization’s needs.

Did you know that can do everything Click Up can and more? And by partnering with Platinum Partner Syscor, you can rest assured knowing that your setup will be seamless.