Customer relationship management (CRM) software tracks all of your company’s communications with a customer via phone, email, or live chat. Social CRM takes it a step further by adding the option of social media integration to integrate all your social channels, such as Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram, into your CRM. For example, if your customer sends you a DM from your Instagram account, that conversation is visible in your CRM, along with emails, phone calls, and live chat.

A social media CRM streamlines the relationship between your customers and your brand in one place, so it’s easy to refer back to previous conversations. Social media customer relationship management is essential to achieving the customer support and marketing goals of your company.

What CRM goals can social media integration help you achieve? Ultimately, integrating your social media management through your CRM is more effective than separating them.

A CRM system has many benefits that can positively impact your business.

1. Provide better customer support

Many customers prefer to use social media to contact businesses when they need support – it’s convenient and they won’t need your contact details. Using a CRM with social media integration allows your team to reach customers wherever they are online.

A social CRM keeps all these relationships in one place. Customers won’t have to repeat themselves when they contact you about recurring or past issues because the CRM stores all their chat history in chronological order.

2. Better understanding of your customers

Social media provides rich data about your customers, including what other brands they follow, what posts they interact with, and how they talk to your business. Integrating social media into your CRM gives you insight into their shopping habits, perceptions of your brand, and personality.

In turn, your marketing team can generate enough customers or users for targeted marketing campaigns. They can learn about customer pain points and market-specific solutions provided to them at the right time. Your sales team can use this data to predict future purchasing needs and create new, more profitable leads.

3. Build trust in your brand

CRM with social media integration helps increase your relationship with your customers. Customers value good relationships and quality, so providing quick responses and engaging in conversation reveals the “human” side of your business. With these goals in mind, let’s examine some of the best practices when implementing a CRM and social media integration like to get the best results.

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