Using the Monday app framework, teams create their building blocks, such as integrations, workflows, data visualizations, or dashboard widgets with less code and less time than traditional app development.

These building blocks are made directly for customers to create beautiful accessories in minutes. KPMG, one of the largest accounting firms in the world and a partner of, used it.

Normally, you wouldn’t expect a consulting firm like KPMG to have one of its in-house developers build custom applications for clients. What causes this?

We work in traditional markets. Consulting firms, especially accounting firms, have been doing the same thing for years. They often stick to what they used to do, which is the old way of doing things.

Over the past few years, KPMG has made significant efforts to improve the way it works and the way we deliver our services. Part of this is building a development team that can create high-quality custom applications for our customers and, if necessary, integrate them with their existing ERP systems.

Often, these solutions are based on AI (artificial intelligence), Big Data, and other advanced technologies. But it is important that we can easily integrate these applications with other platforms.

One of those apps is our Smart Document Reader, which is the app we chose to integrate with in this Productivity Center.

Tell us a little bit about SmartReader. Why did you build it?

We have set out to create a cloud-based smart book reader as a solution to help businesses move forward in the digital world, streamline manual data entry, and reduce human error when managing invoices and expenses. An intelligent reader that automatically detects, records, and analyzes data from any document in any format and any language can extract the data in real-time.

Why did KPMG choose to add Smart Document Reader to Work OS?

We have this powerful image data extraction engine and Smart Document Reader software, and we want to integrate it with Work OS, a flexible digital platform. OS Services will capture the data generated in the document, making business processes more transparent and organizing devices and systems in one place.

The integration gives our customers the ability to organize work processes such as managing invoices, expense reports, and other processes, and work more efficiently. Thanks to, our customers can organize and organize their data and workflow as they want. That’s why we wanted to bring our secret sauce, the smart book reader, to and offer customers a powerful solution that’s unique to anything out there. And that won’t just be for one-time integrations, but something that can be automated all the time, saving our customers time and money.

So how does the fast installation work? Can you give us an example with a financial report?

When filling out an expense report, for example, a client often has a bunch of receipts for personal expenses. They will also take the receipts and upload them to the file column of the board, which will be kept as an expense management solution.

They will also see the financial report generated automatically with all the necessary columns filled from the date of the transaction to the amount and other things without having to enter a single piece of information. And after a while, the customer will start to collect more and more expenses and can see all their expenses at a glance in one place and use the different views Work OS needs to see the data in different ways.

So the ability to understand how much money they are spending at any time and very easily is essential. And displaying this data in different ways also makes it very useful.

Now that you have this new app installed, what’s next?

In the future, I would like customers to be able to go to and see an OS dashboard that includes all the capabilities they need, including Smart Document Reader. That’s why we want to continue building applications for users and be part of the market. We will be able to share Smart Document Reader with everyone using Work OS.

We wanted to build an app that wasn’t common in our industry, but that our customers wanted and was easy to use. The Smart Document Reader is a good example of this, as it allows businesses to manage and monitor their spending efforts. And the Monday app system is a great way to integrate our new apps with Work OS.

Did you know that can help you create your own bespoke solution? And by partnering with Platinum Partner Syscor, you can rest assured knowing that your setup will be seamless.