As their name suggests, communication projects are jobs that focus on communication. Examples of communication services include internal communication services, marcomms services, and corporate communications services.

In practice, communication can be shared in different forms (verbal, written, and digital), within the group and across the company. Effective communication skills help team members work effectively together.

Managing communication projects is an ongoing collaborative activity. They require prioritization, frequent check-ins, and collaboration across your business, which means teams can juggle different tasks. In addition to the above, organizations may encounter other challenges when implementing communication projects.

Let’s get into them.

Key Challenges of Communication Services include:

Communication channels are closed

Some companies still use closed communication methods. For example, employees may still insist on sharing important information on an old intranet that no one reads. Improving your communication process can help ensure that everyone is committed and on board.

Information or knowledge silos

Similarly, managing a dispersed team can be a challenge in communications work. Keeping your team informed and on the same page will ensure that knowledge is shared and not silenced. Each team member will know what is going on, what they need to do, and what everyone is working on.

Transfer information

It can be easy to get overwhelmed by the amount of information. As always, you need to tailor the message to the recipient. By discarding a message, you run the risk of it never being read. Instead, try to break down your communication tasks into manageable chunks.

Lack of infrastructure/technology

Ultimately, the right technology can make or break your communications career. We have a growing and widely distributed team at, but we overcome project communication challenges by having a single source of truth for all aspects of the project, communicating always in the context of the work, and fixing the work as a notification or reminder so that it does not fail.

Enhance your communication with

As you can see, communications work has many moving parts. But with the right approach, the right tools, and the right technology, you can manage them effectively and efficiently.

Let’s consider some final tips on how can help you in your communication career:

  • Gather your team and discuss your communication strategy using a whiteboard to avoid playing in a long thread.
  • Any communication activity can be configured in the Dashboard.
  • You can stay on top of your schedule and know what’s coming up in the calendar view.
  • Know who is working on what and be notified of work moving from one level to another.

Remember to break your work down into manageable chunks and try to manage everything in one place. In no time, you will begin to see your communication activities come to life.