AI Automation

Auto AI

Solve previously unsolved business challenges with pre-built, easily explainable Artificial Intelligence. Accurately predict future revenue streams, customer behavior, maintenance requirements, potential fraud and targeted marketing campaigns.

Accelerate your AI journey with automated data science and machine learning. Syscor’s AI platform automates the entire life cycle of data science and machine learning using AI while rigorously following best practice & processes of data science.

This means data science projects that took months to complete can now be done in a matter of days.


Automate and democratize data science and machine learning with our Single-click, Zero Code, Auto AI platform. Increase the productivity of your data science team and empower existing analysts to become citizen data scientists.


Deploy, monitor, and govern machine learning models and enable AI at scale.

With Syscor, machine learning projects can be easily and automatically deployed in complex production environments in a few clicks, irrespective of where they were built. Predictive accuracy and business value is measured and improved on an ongoing basis and using Syscor’s Dynamic AI, models adapt to constantly changing conditions, ensuring you get the ROI you are looking for.

Predictive AI

Deliver Business Impact with Seamless Collaboration between ML predictions and Human Intelligence.

AutoAI enables people on the front line to augment machine learning predictions with feedback based on the business realities they see on the ground. With a few clicks, business experts can augment the decisions of AI models with rules and policies, so that decisions can be made in a collaborative way. AutoAI also supports complex decision making by letting you combine predictions of several AI models to make a single holistic recommendation, transforming the previously passive way of making AI driven decisions.