Symon is our Master Bot and our mascot.

He is an Automation Software Robot and can automate pretty much anything. We use Symon to automate Work, CX, and Reporting. He is completely tech and Bot agnostic and can bring any platform, team, or system together.

Symon is automation, personified.


Charlie (Charles) means freedom and that’s exactly what he represents – freedom.

Charlie is our hero Bot because frees the trapped and downtrodden. He is a hero to those he sets free – free from the mundane, boring work that has held you back and stopped you and your team from delivering on value-based initiatives. He gives you the capacity to always deliver your best work.

Set yourself and your team free with automation.


Named after the inventor of the liquid-fuelled rocket Robert Hutchings Goddard

Hutch is our RPA Bot. What do Rockets have to do with RPA? Well, we believe that Syscor RPA stands for Rocket Propelled Automation. Hutch is the only Bot your team needs to boost productivity, output and growth!

If you or your team need an assistant that works error free, 24 hours a day and never, ever needs a coffee-break – Hutch is the perfect Bot for you.


Chatson is our ChatBot – literally.

This little Bot completely automates sales and support functions. Chatson engages with hundreds of clients simultaneously, just like a person would, and makes sure that you deliver the best CX no matter what!

If you want to scale your sales and support without the cost of humans, Chatson is your go-to Bot.