Here at Syscor, we build software robots that automate your

work, CX and reporting.

Work Automation

Change the way you work, forever. Empower teams to collaborate, sync and manage workload in one visual workspace. Create scalable workflows, measure goals and never miss a deadline again.

Predictive Automation

Solve previously unsolved business challenges with pre-built, easily explainable Artificial Intelligence. Accurately predict future revenue streams, customer behavior, maintenance requirements, potential fraud and targeted marketing campaigns.

Robotic Process Automation

Do more with less by giving your team an RPA assistant that performs repetitive, rules- based processes so they can focus on value-driven functions instead. RPA uses software robots or “Bots’’ to support humans in their day-to-day work.

Data Automation & Engineering

Gain valuable insight into your business by unlocking your data. Data automation is the function of accessing, auditing, sanitizing and collecting company data which is then used to fuel AI, decision making and analytics.

Sales & Support Automation

Make an AI Chatbot your top performing Sales and Support agent. ChatBots automate sales, CX and customer onboarding – at scale – without the traditional human cost of growth.

Report Automation

Save time, money, and resources by automating all of your team, company and exco reports. Report automation uses accurate data and a Bot to generate precise analytics and reports, on time and error free.

What impact have our automation solutions had across our customer base?

Automation Licenses Implemented

Man-hours returned to our clients in the past 18 months

Productivity increase per team

Different use-cases.
Diverse verticals.
One platform.

We’ve automated some of Africa’s leading businesses. Namely:

Financial Services and Banking:



What will Automation do for you?

1. Keep you competitive

Automation, Bot and AI propelled businesses outperform manual, less insight driven businesses by 30X. Lead your space by discovering more about your clients, their needs and how best to support them.

2. Empower your people

Free your teams from mundane, repetitive, low-value tasks and empower them to focus their effort on value-driven initiatives instead. Keep your people engaged, productive, and delivering where it counts most – not on repetitive processes.

3. Boost your CX – at Scale

ChatBots are programmed to perform against sales and support KPI’s time after time. Smart AI ChatBots engage with hundreds ( or thousands ) of prospects and clients, simultaneously, all day, every day, ensuring that your CX is unequalled and “always on”.

4. Save you money. Make more money

Correctly designed and automated processes will either save you money, make you money, or both. Streamlined operations, unlocked efficiency and new insights translate into increased revenue, decreased OPEX, and higher productivity.

5. Return your team’s time

45% of all admin tasks can be automated, saving around 10 hours per week, per employee and 16 hours per accounting employee. That returned time can then be repurposed whereever you need it most.

6. Let you do more with less

Deploying automation is like giving each employee a digital assistant that takes care of the mundane low-value tasks while they take care of the important initiatives like innovation and strategy. You double your resourses and output without the cost.

Smart Partnerships

In order to to ensure that we continue to deliver the correct automation advice, systems and outcomes we have partnered with the best platforms available and are certified to sell, implement and support the following leading solutions:

We deliver all of our projects with fixed prices, fixed timeliness and guaranteed
ROI all on the back of Sprint methodologies and best practices

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