SaaS Management.

Combine granular SaaS management with cloud-first Identity Governance to prevent Shadow IT, control spends and secure access for all apps

What is SaaS Management?

From project management to customer relationship management, accounting, and communication tools, SaaS applications have streamlined processes, increased productivity, and reduced IT infrastructure costs. This paradigm shift has allowed companies to focus on their core competencies while outsourcing their software needs to specialised providers. However, with the proliferation of SaaS applications in the workplace, managing them has become a complex task.

1. Cost Overruns:
Without proper management, businesses may be unaware of the full scope of their SaaS expenses, leading to budget overruns.
2. Security Risks:
Unmonitored SaaS applications can expose an organisation to security vulnerabilities, data breaches, and compliance issues.
3. Productivity Loss:
Employees using numerous SaaS tools may struggle with productivity, as they juggle multiple logins and interfaces.
4. Redundancy:
Organisations may unintentionally pay for multiple SaaS applications that offer similar features.

The Role of SaaS Management.

SaaS management is the systematic approach to overseeing and optimising an organisation’s SaaS portfolio. It encompasses activities such as procurement, compliance, cost control, security, user management, and performance monitoring. Effective SaaS management ensures that an organisation is deriving the maximum value from its SaaS investments while mitigating the associated risks.

A trusted platform for SaaS management is Zluri. Zluri offers a comprehensive solution for businesses to manage their SaaS ecosystem efficiently. Zluri helps in the discovery and categorisation of SaaS applications, cost optimisation, and ensures that an organisation’s SaaS stack aligns with its goals.

Zluri’s key features include:


Application Discovery

Zluri excels in identifying and cataloguing all the SaaS applications used within an organisation, providing a comprehensive overview of the software ecosystem. This is particularly useful because many companies often underestimate the number of applications in use, sometimes leading to security, compliance, and cost-related issues. By discovering all applications, including shadow IT, Zluri helps businesses gain visibility and control over their software stack.

Cost Optimization

One of the core strengths of Zluri lies in its ability to assist organizations in optimizing their SaaS costs. It provides detailed insights into the costs associated with each SaaS application, helping businesses identify redundant subscriptions, underutilised software, and opportunities for cost-saving. By aligning software expenses with actual usage and organizational needs, Zluri allows businesses to reduce overspending and allocate their resources more efficiently.


SaaS Management

Zluri streamlines the management of the entire SaaS portfolio. It simplifies user provisioning and deprovisioning processes, ensuring that the right employees have access to the right applications. Centralised management also simplifies the task of maintaining and updating user profiles, licenses, and permissions, reducing the administrative burden on IT teams.

M365 Optimization

Microsoft 365 (formerly Office 365) is one of the most widely used SaaS suites. Zluri helps businesses optimize their Microsoft 365 subscriptions by providing insights into usage, licensing, and associated costs. This optimisation ensures that organizations are not overpaying for unnecessary features and can make informed decisions about their Microsoft 365 subscriptions.


Onboarding & Offboarding

Managing user access during onboarding and offboarding processes is a critical aspect of SaaS management. Zluri simplifies these processes by automating user account provisioning when a new employee joins the organization and deprovisioning when someone leaves. This reduces the risk of unauthorised access and ensures a smooth transition for employees.

Application Usage Tracking

Understanding how SaaS applications are used is essential for optimising costs and improving productivity. Zluri provides detailed insights into application usage, including which applications are most frequently used, by whom, and for what purposes. This information allows organisations to make informed decisions about whether to renew, scale, or discontinue specific subscriptions. It also helps identify opportunities for employee training and workflow improvements.

Syscor: Your Partner for Zluri Implementation

While Zluri is a powerful tool for SaaS management, some businesses may require assistance in implementing and maximising its benefits. That’s where Syscor comes in. Syscor is a trusted partner that specialises in helping organisations effectively integrate and utilize SaaS management solutions like Zluri.

Syscor’s experienced team can assist you with the following:

Syscor can oversee the entire implementation process, ensuring a seamless integration of Zluri into your existing IT infrastructure.
They offer comprehensive training for your team to help them make the most of Zluri’s features.
Ongoing Support:
Syscor provides ongoing support to address any issues, updates, or changes that may arise during your SaaS management journey.

SaaS management is vital for organizations looking to maximize the benefits of their SaaS applications while mitigating potential risks. Zluri is a trusted platform that can help businesses efficiently manage their SaaS portfolio, and Syscor is ready to assist with its implementation and ongoing support. By prioritising SaaS management and partnering with trusted solutions like Zluri and Syscor, businesses can harness the full potential of the SaaS revolution while ensuring cost-effectiveness, security, and productivity.

Get a 30 minute no-cost strategy session with a SaaS Management expert.

Discover how and Syscor Services can help you reach your business and technology goals

Get a 30 minute no-cost strategy session with an SaaS Management expert.

Discover how and Syscor Services can help you reach your business and technology goals

Zluri’s Services.

In today’s dynamic digital landscape, efficient management of Software as a Service (SaaS) and Identity Governance and Administration (IGA) is a paramount concern for organisations. Syscor is proud to introduce Zluri, a robust platform, offering two key service areas: SaaS Management and Identity Governance Administration.
As part of our partnership, our team will not only sell the Zluri platform to customers but also provide a range of services on top of it, including onboarding, training, customisations, and process build-outs – to name but a few.

Zluri’s SaaS Management.

Efficiently managing SaaS applications is crucial, and Zluri’s SaaS Management Platform (SMP) offers a comprehensive solution:
100% App Discovery:
Modern organisations rely on numerous SaaS applications, and Zluri ensures 100% discoverability, helping you identify redundant, unused, and underutilized apps.
Smart App Discovery:
Zluri employs five powerful discovery methods to provide real-time insights into app usage and identify apps that are no longer in active use, allowing for relevant actions.
Benefits of Smart App Discovery:
  • Eliminate Shadow IT
  • Real-Time App Insights
  • Deprovision Underused Apps
  • Ensure Industry Compliance
Automate Onboarding & Offboarding:
Zluri streamlines the onboarding and offboarding of employees with purpose-built workflows, simplifying the user experience.
SaaS Optimization:
Zluri provides data-driven insights into SaaS utilisation, enabling organisations to optimise licensing costs and accurately forecast license needs.
Complete Control:
Zluri centralises the management of apps, users, and expenditures, providing cross-sectional insights, custom mapping for attributes, and user-app relationship management.
Microsoft 365 Optimization:
Zluri’s platform maximizes the potential of Microsoft 365 deployment by simplifying license management, tracking usage, and automating manual tasks.

Zluri’s Identity Governance and Administration(IGA):

In the modern era, governing access in the identity cloud is essential, and Zluri’s IGA services offer a streamlined approach:
Streamlined Lifecycle Management:
Zluri simplifies the management of user identities, ensuring accurate access grants, modifications, and revocations.
Automated Provisioning and Deprovisioning:
Zluri ties app access to employee status changes, ensuring seamless transitions.
Automated Access Reviews:
Implement policies that automatically run and review access when needed.
Simplify Compliance:
Zluri accelerates governance with policy-based review automation, ensuring organisations stay compliant with industry standards.
Ticketless Access Requests:
Zluri simplifies access requests, reducing support times and volumes by allowing employees to request access to apps without the need for extensive ticketing systems.
Employee App Store
Zluri’s Employee App Store empowers employees to make informed SaaS purchasing decisions, streamlining the procurement process.
Experience the Future of SaaS Governance:
Zluri’s comprehensive IGA services empower organizations to optimize their software stack, ensure compliance, enhance identity governance practices, and stay in control of their software ecosystem in a rapidly evolving digital landscape.

As Syscor, we are committed to bringing you Zluri’s cutting-edge solutions and supporting your organisation with a range of services that enhance your SaaS management and identity governance practices, ensuring that you remain agile and compliant in the ever-evolving digital world.

Get a 30 minute no-cost strategy session with a SaaS Management expert.

Discover how and Syscor Services can help you reach your business and technology goals

Get a 30 minute no-cost strategy session with an SaaS Management expert.

Discover how and Syscor Services can help you reach your business and technology goals

Zluri’s Integrations.

Explore Zluri’s extensive list of integrations to effortlessly connect with over 800 apps, empowering you to manage and optimise your software application stack. With Zluri, you can seamlessly integrate and centralise your SaaS ecosystem. From popular applications to specialised tools, you can effortlessly connect and manage them all.
Here’s a selection of Zluri’s integration categories and some examples of integrated apps:
3D Modeling Software:
API Integration Platform:
API Management Software:
Accounting Software:
Affiliate Marketing Software:
Post Affiliate Pro
Google Analytics
Application Performance Monitoring Tools:
New Relic
Auto Dialer Software:

Integration categories include:

3D Modeling Software, API Integration Platform, API Management Software, Accounting Software, Affiliate Marketing Software, Analytics, Analytics Tool, Application Performance Monitoring Tools, Auto Dialer Software, Automated Testing Software, Automated Time tracking, Automation Software, Billing and Invoicing Software, Business Intelligence Software, Business Management Software, CMMS Software, CRM, Chatbots Software, Cloud Content Collaboration Software, Cloud Management Platform, Cloud Networking Services, Cloud Security Software, Cloud Services, Cloud based Financial Management, Cloud-based Inventory Management, Collaboration, Collaboration & Productivity, Communication, Communication Tool, Construction Software, Content Delivery Network Software, Content Management, Conversation Tool, Customer Advocacy Software, Customer Feedback Software, Customer Relationship Management, Customer Service, Customer Service Analytics Software, Customer Success Software, Customer Support Software, Customer engagement platform, Cybersecurity Services, Data Entry Software, Data extraction, Database Management Software, Developer Tools, Development Tools, Digital Healthcare, Digital Marketing, Digital Workplace, Document Management Tool, E-Commerce Platform, E-commerce Platform, E-sign Tool, ERP, Electronic Signature Solution, Email Marketing, Email Marketing Software, Email Security, Employee Scheduling Software, Event Management Software, Expense Report Management, File Sync Software, Finance, Geographic Information System Software, HR Software, Headless CMS Software, Help Desk Software, IAM, IT Management, IT Process Automation Software, Inbound Call Tracking Software, Incident Management Software, Inventory Management Software, Job Management, Knowledge Management Software, Learning Management System (LMS) Software, Management System, Marketing Automation, Marketing Automation Software, Marketing Software, Marketing Tools, Meeting Software, Mobile Device Management Software, Network Management Software, Office Software, Online Appointment Scheduling Software, Online Survey Software, Order Management Software, Payroll Software, Payment Gateway, Payment Processing, Performance Appraisal, Performance Management Software, Point of Sale (POS) Software, Product & Portfolio Management, Productivity Software, Project Management, Project Management Software, RPA Tools, Ransomware Protection Software, Remote Desktop Software, Restaurant Management Software, Sales CRM, Sales Software, Sales Tax Software, Security Management Software, Server Monitoring, Social Media, Social Media Management Software, Software Deployment, Software Development, Software Testing, Supply Chain Management, Team Collaboration Software, Time & Expense Software, Video Conferencing, Video Editing Software, Virtual Event Platforms, Web Development, Web Hosting, Web Scraping, Web-based Reporting, Workflow Automation, eDiscovery Software

These are just a few of the many integration categories and apps available through Zluri’s platform. You can connect, manage, and optimize your software application stack for improved efficiency and productivity.

Get a 30 minute no-cost strategy session with a SaaS Management expert.

Discover how and Syscor Services can help you reach your business and technology goals

Get a 30 minute no-cost strategy session with an SaaS Management expert.

Discover how and Syscor Services can help you reach your business and technology goals

Zluri Automation.

In the dynamic world of modern businesses, managing an ever-growing suite of software applications is a formidable task. Zluri, a comprehensive SaaS application management platform, is revolutionising the way companies streamline their operations through automation. With Zluri, IT leaders can efficiently create templates for automating critical processes such as employee onboarding and offboarding.
When an employee leaves an organisation, manually revoking their access to various applications can be a time-consuming and error-prone process, leaving sensitive information vulnerable. Zluri addresses this challenge by empowering IT teams to automate the deprovisioning of user access. This not only saves valuable time but also minimises the window of vulnerability when an employee exits the company.
On the flip side, for new team members, Zluri’s automation capabilities shine. The platform allows organisations to create templates that automate the creation of new user accounts, grant appropriate permissions, set up email accounts, and provision devices. These templates are highly customisable to meet specific needs and can be effortlessly modified as requirements evolve, ensuring adaptability.
One of Zluri’s standout features is its user-friendliness. The platform boasts an intuitive interface, making it accessible to IT teams with varying levels of technical expertise. Customisable dashboards enable businesses to tailor their view to display information that’s most relevant to them. This level of personalisation enhances the user experience, ensuring that organizations can make informed decisions quickly.
Zluri doesn’t stop at just automation; it offers a holistic approach to managing software applications effectively. Businesses can set up automated workflows to simplify the management of their application stack. This streamlines processes, improves efficiency, and allows organisations to focus their resources on strategic initiatives rather than routine administrative tasks.
The platform’s multifaceted capabilities are reshaping how businesses operate by reducing manual work, enhancing security, and improving overall efficiency.
In a world where businesses are increasingly reliant on a complex web of software applications, Zluri is the game-changing solution that empowers IT teams and organizations to harness the full potential of automation.
By offering a user-friendly platform that automates essential processes and optimizes application management, Zluri is becoming an indispensable tool in the toolkit of forward-thinking companies looking to thrive in the digital age.

Get a 30 minute no-cost strategy session with a SaaS Management expert.

Discover how and Syscor Services can help you reach your business and technology goals

Get a 30 minute no-cost strategy session with an SaaS Management expert.

Discover how and Syscor Services can help you reach your business and technology goals

What is Zluri?

Syscor and Zluri: Redefining Tech Advisory and SaaS Management

Syscor, a global tech advisory firm, and Zluri, a leading enterprise SaaS Management Platform, have forged a transformative partnership. This game-changing alliance empowers organisations to take control of their SaaS landscape and digital transformation journey.

Empowering IT Teams with Zluri

Zluri’s SaaS Management Platform is a game-changer for teams. It streamlines SaaS application discovery, management, optimisation, and automation from a user-friendly dashboard. Syscor is committed to bringing these capabilities to businesses worldwide.

Introducing Syscor: Your Trusted Tech Advisor

Syscor, a multi-practice global tech advisory firm, specialises in unlocking business intelligence through technology. As the exclusive Platinum Partner for Africa with, we have a proven track record of delivering cost-effective solutions.

The Essence of This Partnership.

Syscor is Zluri’s global distributor, responsible for sales, marketing, user training, integration, and customisation solutions. Together, we redefine tech advisory and SaaS management, providing unparalleled support to businesses worldwide. This partnership promises innovation and success.

Zluri: Simplifying SaaS Management for Modern Enterprises

Zluri emerged in 2020 to simplify SaaS adoption and management through a single, intelligent dashboard. With over 250 global customers, Zluri offers innovative, dependable, and scalable solutions for optimizing SaaS usage, ensuring compliance, and enhancing identity governance practices.

Empowering Modern Enterprises

Zluri’s cloud-native SaaSOps platform specializes in SaaS Management and Identity Governance. It empowers teams to gain visibility into their SaaS landscape, unlock cost savings, and govern access securely. With a robust discovery engine, iPaaS integration, and evolving AI, Zluri simplifies navigating complex SaaS ecosystems.

Comprehensive SaaS Management

Zluri simplifies the discovery, management, optimisation, and compliance of an organisation’s SaaS stack. It unveils the complete SaaS ecosystem, eliminates waste, automates tasks, enhances security, and simplifies software portfolio management.

The bottom line is pretty simple: This partnership offers a transformative approach to SaaS management and tech advisory, empowering organisations to take control of their digital journey. Zluri’s innovative solutions and Syscor’s extensive expertise are poised to redefine the tech landscape, providing unparalleled support and paving the way for innovation and success.