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Skills, Assessments & training

It shouldn’t come as a surprise that using these innovative solutions require a certain skill set to make the most of it. We have partnered with Global Leading Knowledge Measurement solutions to deliver automation-related training sessions and assessments for you and your business.

We firmly believe in the power of automation and believe that through regular assessments and training, your team will be able to harness the skills needed to operate in a digitally driven world.

Assessments will be available in multiple languages and can be deployed on most internet enabled devices. We can even tailor them as per your specifications and the test can even adapt to the skills level of the person taking it to save time on testing.

These assessments are also a great way to make sure your team is up to date with the latest industry developments – especially when it comes to new hires. This is because they offer detailed reports of each submission, allowing you to identify potential skills and knowledge gaps.

All successful trainees will receive a certification

Additional benefits of training with us includes:

  • Improve training ROI
  • Optimise career development
  • Maximized productivity of project teams
  • Improve skill-gap analysis workforce planning
  • Improve corporate standards