In our last article, we gave you an introduction about why we love tech and what our approach to technology is – in other words, that it’s all about the journey and not just the endpoint. In this article, we have a look at why technology has the ability to transform.

What does ‘transform’ mean?

If you transform something, you change it, adapt it or mould it into something else. Put another way, if you transform something, you take it and make it into something new. Think about the movie Transformers the robots take on different shapes and change throughout the movie, hence the name of the film.

The impact of transformation can be either negative or positive. Take the New Normal requirement of working from home. This transformation in our working lives has both positive and negative consequences. For example:

  • A positive could be savings in petrol and people getting more sleep as they don’t have to get up early so that they have enough time to get to work by when they need to get there.
  • On the other hand, a negative consequence of working from home is that you could very easily lose contact with other people – as you’re always at home – or lose focus and motivation.

The transformational ability of tech

Technology has the power to transform how we do things in both our private and business lives. When last did you use Google Maps or Waze to get somewhere you didn’t know how to get to? Can you even remember the days of the spiral-bound map books and having to plot out your route before you even got into the car? Now, navigation is as simple as typing in an address and away you go. It even shows you what the quickest way to there is.

To use the work-from-home situation again, this would not be possible without technology as solutions such as cloud-based storage, video conferencing, instant messaging and email have allowed us to remain efficient and continue to deliver on our goals.

However, this transformation ability of technology takes time. Yes, technology is developing at lightning speeds but it takes time for us to use the tech which is available and tailor-make a solution that fits our business needs.

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