‘Artificial intelligence’ can be quite a nebulous concept. To some, the term may conjure up visions of data scientists (a.k.a ‘really clever people’) working away in an Apple-like think tank, on the road to developing the next great invention in technology. For those of us who are less tech-inclined, when we say ‘artificial intelligence’ we may have visions of robots a la the one in Bicentennial Man, which was played by the last Robin Williams, who is able to do what we do so much better than us..

As we said in our previous article, artificial intelligence is not here to replace us. It’s not something that we need to be afraid of or something that we should be dismissing because we’ll never understand it. Artificial intelligence is here to make our lives easier and to make what we do easier than ever before.

The Scientific Definition Of Artificial intelligence

Science Alert defines ‘artificial intelligence’ as complex software which is programmed to perform tasks in a similar fashion to human brains. This software is able to do this often by sensing and responding to a specific feature in the environment.

A good example of this is your Google Assistant on your Android phone. When it picks up your voice, which is directed to it, the Assistant will respond. The stimulus has to be very specific. In other words, it won’t respond to ‘Hi Google’ or ‘Hello Google’. It will only respond when you say ‘OK Google’.

Artificial intelligence has so many applications besides saving you the trouble of typing in a query on your phone that have tangible benefits. For instance, in the PropTech world there is a company which has designed an application which switches off lights when the sensors in the room detect that there is no-one there.

This same company’s application has functionality which allows it to measure how well an office space is used. This information is then fed to building managers who are able to maximise their tenants’ office usages so that if the tenant can find an office space which suits them.

Technology Becoming More Affordable

When pieces of technology are first developed, these are often quite expensive. However, when these are refined technologists find new and innovative ways to make these applications more affordable and accessible to those who aren’t necessarily as tech literate as the other guy.

The same thing is true with artificial intelligence. While there are solutions out there for larger companies who have the financial muscle to get bespoke products developed for them, there are systems – backed by AI – which are totally accessible to the individual and businesses across the spectrum.

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