How can AI help my business in South Africa and Africa in 2020? AI and Automation is no longer snake oil and sorcery, but are real-world tools used by businesses of all sizes to drastically fix their sales, service and operations.

The water is still a little murky on exactly how the platforms deliver value.  Our job is to demystify AI and as such we have detailed the most practical examples of how AI can help your business:

How does AI help my business in South Africa and Africa Increase Revenues?

Natural Language Programming (NLP) based ChatBots and Digital Agents engage with 100’s or 100o’s of clients, at once,  24 hours a day 7 days a week.  Chatbots are also better at selling more of what a client wants so the client buys more of everything. ChatBots are also capable of instantly qualifying leads and deciding which are hot and which are trash. All of this can be achieved without breaking the bank and AI should be one of the main initiatives in developing your sales strategy in the 21st century.

Targeted Marketing

Marketing Automation is a core feature in the AI and Automation stack delivering marketing and messaging -through machine learning and analytics.  The AI markets directly to consumers who most require your product and service. Imagine reducing the budget-waste on old fashioned hit-or-miss marketing tactics. Instead deliver a direct, relevant message to a receptive and willing audience.  The analytics given by the AI once data has been put through the platform allows for strategic marketing decisions to be made.

How does AI help my business in South Africa and Africa reduce OPEX?

People are expensive, mistakes and inefficiency, even more so.  If you have both the is financially disastrous. By implementing AI and Automation companies can reduce their OPEX by up to 35%. These reductions are achieved by shrinking the headcount and salaries. Increases in production and productivity mean lower cost per output and a 98% success rate in delivery reduces costs resulting from resolving errors

Improved customer service

AI and NLP driven Digital Agents perform mundane service tasks enabling support staff to focus on more strategic and critical customer-centric interactions. This combination of Bot-Human cooperation drives superior customer engagement and higher customer retention levels. Implementations have produced radically reduced service resolution times and boosted resolution percentages.

Internal query resolution

How much more productive could your HR and IT Leads be if they didn’t have to spend their time answering repetitive queries and resolving issues far below their pay grades? AI and Automation relieves internal resources to perform more important, strategic tasks like finding the right candidate or keeping the IT systems flying. The ChatBot achieves this by dealing with internal queries like leave requests, IT support requests and document distribution (leave form or asset register docs). More productive leaders mean higher yielding businesses.

AI and Automation truly is the future of business in South Africa and Africa as a whole and hopefully this article has answered the question: How does AI help my business in South Africa and Africa?

By Jono Williamson