Gartner Top Tech Trends for 2020 and beyond listed Hyper Automation as it’s number 1 Digital Tech in 2020 and beyond.  Gartner says HA will have the highest impact of any Tech for the next 5 to 10 years. Therefore, HA is probably worth looking at for your team, division, and business. Hyper Automation South Africa is becoming as prevalent in the RSA as it is across the rest of the world.

What is Hyper Automation?

Hyper Automation (HA) is the fusing of AI, ML, RPA, and Analytics. This blend of technology allows for total automation of business processes. When widely adopted, Hyper Automation will automate almost every repetitive task in your business.  Thus freeing your staff up to perform strategic initiatives as opposed to process and paper pushing.

What are the Top 5 Benefits of Hyper Automation in South Africa?

1. Reduced Opex

Correctly deployed and adopted HA will deliver a 35% reduction of Opex.  Imagine freeing up 35% of your overheads, monthly?  Those funds could be spent on growth, not repetitive, mundane tasks.

2.  Increased Revenues

The AI component of Hyper Automation allows for precise, targeted marketing and client engagement at scale.  Coupled with the use of Natural Language Understanding Digital Agents, the AI for Marketing module delivers increased sales results time and again.

3.  Increased Productivity

Hyper Automation will improve an organisations over-all productivity by up to 65%. The impact that correctly deployed HA can have on the outputs of a digitised business is astronomical. Machines are more reliable, more precise, and more consistent than their human counterparts, thus delivering far higher productivity results.

4.  Increased Agility

Intelligent automation tools allow businesses to easily adapt to changing dynamics, new opportunities, and revised delivery mechanisms.  Machine Learning, which is inherent within Hyper Automation, delivers precise and reliable predictive analytics that forms the basis of growth and change strategies inside digitised businesses.

5. Analytics and Insights

Non-digitised businesses often lack comprehensive insight in terms of where their inefficiencies lie, where improvements must be made and what changes, behaviorally or otherwise, their clients are going through. Hyper Automation delivers precise, accurate, live analytics on past performance as well as predictive insights into future strategies.

The reality is that Hyper Automation is here, it is changing the way business does business and the impact is astronomical.

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