RPA South Africa is Bot driven

Let a Bot set you free!

If your workdays all blend into one long, repetitive, mundane blur, you need Robotic Process Automation (RPA). RPA in South Africa is growing at a rapid rate.  Here’s why.

RPA is a great tool, that watches, learns, and then performs tasks automatically, freeing the person, who previously did them so they can now focus on more value-driven tasks and functions.

RPA is the perfect starting point for businesses starting on a Hyper Automation South Africa journey.  Hyper-Automation is the total automation of every manul process within a business, team, or division.

How does RPA work in South Africa?

RPA is the creation of a “robot”, which is actually software and not a droid.  The bot is programmed to follow a sequence or process and perform specific actions throughout that process.

RPA really adds value where there is a ton of back and forth communication and sequential steps.  Think about a process where it takes 20 steps and 30 emails to process an order in a step-by-step rules-based structure.

Some examples are:

  • Automatic responses to emails
  • Order processing
  • Vendor, Client, and HR onboarding
  • CRM updating
  • Quote to Cash processing
  • New User Set up
  • IT Helpdesks
  • HR leave applications

Can RPA be deployed to solve highly complex challenges?

Yes, RPA is used to solve very complex process challenges, for example, 1000’s of bots could be deployed to automate jobs within a complex ERP system, removing the human element almost entirely.

One of the more complex use-cases of RPA would be to have the system run the entire Payroll function, from end-to-end, in an organisation of 1 000’s of staff members.

Will RPA replace me in my job?

No, RPA will serve you and free you to do your job that much better. RPA can’t make intuitive decisions – people are still needed for that,  RPA is, therefore,  designed to augment your job, not take it.

How much does RPA cost in South Africa?

Surprisingly, RPA is inexpensive and comes in “packages” designed for businesses of all sizes and automation requirements.

What are the benefits of RPA?

The benefits of RPA are vast and as unique, that being said, the generic benefits which are enjoyed by every implementation are:

  • Cost Reduction
  • Time-saving
  • Improved Productivity

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