Accounting Automation | Business Process Automation in South Africa is becoming more prominent within businesses on a daily basis.

Accounting Automation – Invoice Processing

Imagine how much time your accounting department could save by automating the Invoice Processing function within your business?

Invoice processing refers to the entire process your accounting team uses to handle supplier invoices. From the second you receive an invoice right through to the physical payment being made to the supplier.

There are multiple, routine, repetitive, steps involved within the process.  From capturing the data from each invoice that your business receives, to entering all relevant data into your accounting and even ERP systems. Then manually approving each and every invoice so that the suppliers can be paid.

With such significant amounts of time taken up checking, rechecking, and then processing invoices, the chances of securing early payment discounts with suppliers, for example, decrease significantly.

AP staff also find themselves bogged down resolving issues instead of working on more valuable tasks. So these tasks within their roles, suffer as a result.

Accounting Automation | Business Process Automation –  The solution

We can help you automate the entire AP process, as follows:

  • Supplier mails the invoice
  • The system reads all unread emails and files invoice attachments in your local drive
  •  Invoice data is read by smart OCR and relevant info is automatically extracted
  •  Invoice data is captured, matched against PO’s, and scrutinised for errors
  • Scanned information is then automatically uploaded into your accounting package, thus saving significant time.
  •  Relevant invoice amounts are loaded for payment, in relevant payment batches
  •  The application is closed and analytics are built.

For more information on how we can automate your AP process please watch the video below or click this link AP link


Free your staff to do great things and automate your accounting processes.

Lighten your team’s workload and implement Business Process Automation across many divisions and use-cases.

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