Admin Automation | Business Process Automation South Africa is changing the way admin teams work.

At least 25% of your admin team’s time could be saved by automating repetitive processes. How many countless hours does your admin team spend capturing data? Receiving, reading, and populating documents and spreadsheets is time-consuming, wasteful, and redundant.

The total cost of manual data capture is mega. Studies have shown that admin employees spend 69 days a year on repetitive, manual data capture-related tasks. Also,30% of a company’s revenue is lost through inefficiency and error due to human mistakes.

Admin Automation | Business Process Automation South Africa – an example

Total automation of your data capture function would look a little like this:

  • All relevant information is centralised and ingested. The info can be taken from emails or any other data source like websites, PDFs, hard-copy docs, scans, spreadsheets, ERP, and so forth.
  • Automatic Intelligent Capture reads the information from the source (website, PDF, and so on)
  • The relevant information is automatically extracted from the data
  • Spreadsheets, documents, and local systems ie ERP are automatically populated with the information
  • Emails are sent to relevant parties advising that the data capture is complete.
  • The process ends – without any human input

Here’s an example of taking data from a website and capturing the data in a spreadsheet – automatically.  RPA can do this at scale.

If you don’t see the video thumbnail please use this link instead –> Data Capture Video

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