Sales Automation | Business Process Automation South Africa is growing rapidly, here’s why.

Your salespeople should be selling, marketing, and building great relationships with clients, not sitting for hours on end processing deal files, uploading documents, and updating CRM systems. That’s counterproductive.

The time it takes to gather documents, check them for errors, go back and forth between the client and your admin team, and finally uploading them to your local system is massive. Sales time lost due to sales-admin is astronomical.  Research into sales time management shows salespeople spend less than 36% of their time actually selling.

We can help you change this by automating deal file (and other sales-admin) processes.

Here’s an example of Sales Automation | Business Process Automation South Africa

This an example of a process we automated, for a prominent tech sales business, saving each rep 10 hours per week on admin functions:

  • Deal files are scanned into a local system.
  • RPA reads the scans and matches the documents against a required list
  • Smart OCR reads all the documents and extracts relevant information
  • Information on the documents is verified and checked for errors
  • The client is mailed requesting any changes or further information
  • CRM/ERP is automatically updated with all relevant information
  • New-deal and onboarding workflows are activated.
  • Thank you mail is sent to the client
  • All while salespeople bring on new customers.

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