Data Automation: Unlocking data for company performance

When it comes to unlocking data for company performance, data automation is key. Think about it, whenever you make a decision, you look for the data and facts to back your claims. Business continuity and resilience rely on access to important data. You don’t always have the time to compile it though, which is where data automation steps in.

Let’s consider one of the most used forms of data automation, Google Analytics. This software extracts data from multiple sources. It then compiles and transforms data on your digital and online performance. This is then converted into an easy-to-understand format, saved for you to review.

Data automation is exactly that. It extracts data from multiple sources and compiles it. This is then saved in a database of your choosing. This process requires little to no human intervention. It can even be scheduled at your chosen frequency. It is a great help when it comes to compiling monthly reports. Another benefit? It will identify any problem areas that your business may have right off the bat.

The simplest way to unlock data to unleash company performance? Regular reporting.

What can effective data automation do?

  • It helps to shape your business’s strategic vision, looking to ask how, what, when, and where. This refers to the data needed, what it’s needed for and where it will come from. Additionally, you can add a timeframe.
  • Data automation seeks to solve the problem of manually collecting and organizing information. It frees up your time while giving you access to all the necessary information.
  • It provides an opportunity for skills development. People need to know how to read and understand data. More importantly, you need to know how to use this data to your business’s advantage. This requires a certain skill set.
  • It streamlines processes and automates workflow. This means that your team no longer needs to focus on mundane, time-consuming tasks.

When it boils down to it, data automation controls the essence of your business. Everything your business is, and everything your business needs, can all be traced back to data. So, why not automate the entire process?

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